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Yamaha DVD1700 Product Bulletin page 2

Dvd-audio/video and super audio cd player
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DVD-Audio/Video and Super Audio CD Player
High Picture Quality
HDMI Output (Ver 1.1) with 1080p
HDMI (High Definition Multimedia
Interface) output allows the DVD player
to transfer digital video and audio
signals directly to an HDMI
equipped monitor or
projector, instead of having
to convert them to analog.
1080p video signals can
be output, providing the most detailed
high definition picture quality currently
available, as well as 480p, 576p, 720p
and 1080i video signals.
Noise Shaped Video™ and DCDi
Progressive Scanning
This technology, from Analog Devices,
uses oversampling and advanced
techniques such as multi-bit sigma-
delta processing and bit-shuffling to
improve converter
performance by moving
converter noise to an area of
the spectrum where it can be removed
by an analog filter. This improves the
accuracy of signal representation,
allowing images to be displayed at
much higher resolutions.
Other advanced technologies used
to maximize image quality are
Faroudja DCDi Processing,
Motion Adaptive Noise
Reduction, Cross Color Suppression,
Aspect Ratio Conversion and TrueLife
Progressive Scanning (NTSC/PAL)
Progressive scanning provides
maximum resolution for a smoother,
filmlike image when viewed on a high
definition TV or large screen. This
player offers progressive scanning of
both NTSC and PAL signals.
Extensive Connections
Mixed 2-Channel Audio
Output Terminals
5.1-Channel Audio Output Terminals
Only compatible with discs that have been finalized when recording is completed. Some discs may not play due to disc characteristics or recording conditions.
Includes recorded in VR format.
• HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC
• NSV is a trademark of Analog Devices Inc.
Microchip Inc.
subject to change without notice.
216 MHz/12-Bit Video DAC
This new high performance video DAC
ensures superior image quality with all
video sources.
High Sound Quality
DVD-Audio/Super Audio CD Playback
This player is compatible with both
DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD. These
multi-channel music formats provide a
surround sound music experience that
is much more natural and lifelike than
normal stereo.
Exceptionally Good Sound Quality
This model delivers sound quality that is
superior even to some more expensive
players. It uses a high performance
192kHz/24-bit audio DACs.
Audio Direct Mode
Selecting the Audio Direct mode cuts
the video circuitry out of the signal path,
so there is no chance of it affecting the
sound quality. The front panel
illumination is also turned off to prevent
noise interference from the LCD.
Advanced Facilities
This player will play discs recorded in
the MP3 (audio), JPEG (images), DivX
(video) and WMA (audio) formats.
Bass Management
This player provides Bass Management
processing and a subwoofer/bass
management output terminal. Bass
management is important for DVD-
Audio and Super Audio CD
multichannel playback, as it properly
routes the bass frequencies for best
performance from a multi-speaker home
Remote Control
Optical and Coaxial Digital
Audio Output Terminals
• DivX and associated logos are trademarks of DivX, Inc. and are used under license.• Product designs and specifications are
theater system. With normal 2-channel
(stereo) CDs, the bass frequencies are
routed to the subwoofer, so you can
enjoy "2.1" channel sound with more
powerful bass.
RS-232C Interface
An RS-232C interface is provided so
this player can be controlled via
computer in a custom installation.
On-Screen Display with GUI
(Graphical User Interface)
This model makes operation extremely
simple by displaying a variety of
clearly understandable GUI menus
right on the TV or monitor screen. It's
easy to select and adjust any desired
function with the remote control.
Wide Screen Mode Selection
Two modes can be selected for
optimum viewing on widescreen
monitors via HDMI and component
video outputs: Non-Linear Stretch and
Pillar Box. Non-Linear Stretch helps
minimize distortion of a 4:3 picture by
trimming the top and bottom to make it
closer to a 16:9 picture.
Other Notable Features
• Gold-plated terminals for all pin
and WMA Playback
• Video picture mode: Brightness,
• Picture CD playback
• 3-step dimmer modes
• NTSC/PAL complete conversion
• Multiple repeat play
• Program play
• Screen saver
• Aluminum front panel
• Discrete remote control commands
S-Video and Composite Video Output Terminals
• "DCDi" is a trademark of Faroudja, a division of Genesis
Contrast, Hue, Sharpness, DNR,
Gamma, Chroma Level, Chroma
Delay and True Life
Component Video Output Terminals



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