Yamaha CINEMASTATION DVR-C300 Owner's Manual

Yamaha CINEMASTATION DVR-C300 Owner's Manual

Dvd home theater sound system
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 IHPORTANT RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOTOPEN CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. Explanation of Graphical Symbols The lightning flash with arrowhead within an equilateral triangle, alert you to the presence...
  • Page 3 (circuit breaker or fuse) circuits relocate/reorient the antenna. If the antenna satisfactory results, please contact retailer, please contact Yamaha Electronics to those products distributed byYamaha Corporation Consumer Electronics Group want you to get the most...
  • Page 4 12 Use only the voltage specified on this unit. Using this unit with a higher voltage than specified is dangerous cause fire, damage to this unit, and/or personal YAMAHA will not be held responsible resulting from use of this unit with a voltage specified.
  • Page 5 Acive Servo Processing Subwoofer built-in power amplifier. This subwoofer system (NX-SW300) Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology which YAMAHA has developed for reproducing quality super-bass sound.This super-bass sound adds a more realistic, theater-in-the-home your stereo system.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents Features Contents Introduction General Information About the main unit ... S Supplied accessories ... S Functional Overview Remote control ... 6 Front panel (DVR-C300) ... 8 Rear panel (DVR-C300) ... 9 Connections Placing the speakers ... 10 Placing the center speaker ... 10 Hanging on a wall ...
  • Page 7 Video Setup Menu ... 31 TV Type ... 31 TV Display ... 31 Progressive function - (on/off) ... 32 Pictures settings ... 32 Selecting the black level (U.S.A. model Closed Caption (U.S.A. model only) ... 33 Preference Setup Menu Audio, subtitle and disc menus ...
  • Page 8: Introduction

    Introduction Thank you for purchasing this unit.This Manual explains the basic operation Region Codes The unit is designed to support the Region Management System. Check the regional code number on the disc package, If the number does not match the unit's region number (see table below, or see back of unit), the unit may be unable to play the disc.
  • Page 9: General Information

    About main unit DVD Receiver (DVR-C300) Subwoofer (NX-SW300) Front Speakers (NX-F300) (DVX-C300 only) Center Speaker (NX-C300) (DVX-C300 only) iii il i i_ Surround Speakers (NX-S300) (DVX-C300 only) General Supplied accessories FM Wire Antenna AM Loop Antenna Remote Control and Batteries (X2) Video Pin Cable System...
  • Page 10: Functional Overview

    Functional Overview Remote control _p_E'_ _REE_ f/_ \ _]_ POWER (TV) Turns theTV on, or sets it to the standby _DIHHER Selects different levels of brightness panel, * = Press Numeric keypad Enters a tracldtitle Enters a number REPEAT Selects various PROG DVD/CD:starts TUNER: starts...
  • Page 11 _ISUBTITLE Selects a subtitle language. _) AUDIO Selects an audio language (DVD) or an audio channel (VCD). OTVVOL (+ / -) Adjusts theTV volume. CH (+ I -) Switches theTV channel. _)TV INPUT Switches theTV input, _IEFFECT Selects a sound effect. _llnput selection buttons...
  • Page 12: Front Panel (Dvr-C300)

    Functional Overview Front panel (DVR-C300) @YAMARA I ® STAN D BY/O N Turns the DVD receiver on, or set it to the standby mode, Disc tray Load up to 5 discs in the disc tray. _tVOLUME Adjusts the volume level. I_INPUT Selects an input source or sets the priority the audio input signals,...
  • Page 13: Rear Panel (Dvr-C300)

    Rear panel (DVR-C300) FM ANT terminal Connect the FM antenna. G ND and AM ANT terminals Connect theAM loop antenna COblPONENTVIDEO Connect the theY PB/CB PPJCRjacks on yourTV. _SVIDEO output Connect to the S-video jack on yourTV/VCR, _VIDEO output Connect to the video (composite) DIGITAL Connect...
  • Page 14: Connections

    Hang the speaker the back of the speaker. Note; - After attaching each speaker, check that the speaker is fixed securely. YAMAHA will bear no responsibility for any accidents caused by improper installations. (front and surround available (Diameter: 6 mm).Attach...
  • Page 15: Connecting The Dvd Recceiver And Speakers To The Subwoofer

    Connecting receiver speakers to the subwoofer Front Speaker Front Speaker (Right) (Leftl Receiver Surround Speaker (Right) Speaker (Left) Center Speaker _DDI )000 _®_o Connections Surround Subwoo_r...
  • Page 16 Connections Connect the speaker cable with the white line to the + connector on the front/center/surround speaker and with the black band to the - connectol: Lever !lack__ Wllite Dane Press the lever down. Lhen insert the cable into the hole and release the leve_ q[_ Connect the speaker cable with the white line to the + connector...
  • Page 17: Connecting Atv

    Connecting AUBmO IMPORTANT! - You only need to make one video connection from the following options, depending on the capabilities of yourTVo - Connect the DVD receiver directly Note: - To hear the TV channels through this DVD receiver, use the audio cables (white/red - not supplied) to connect TV IN jacks to the corresponding AUDIO OUT jacks on the TV •...
  • Page 18: Connecting A Progressive

    Connections Connecting a progressive e®0_. I-'_ u.o_ -:-o Ic_::;l® ILl 9®@l: ... i"1°'1 IMPORTANT! - Progressive scan video quality available when usingY PB PR in conjunction with a progressive scan TV. Use the component video cables (redlbluelgreen - not supplied) to connect the DVD receiver's Y PB PR jacks 1:o the corresponding component video input jacks (orY...
  • Page 19: Connecting Fmiam Antennas

    Connecting FM/AM antennas Fix the claw into the slot AM Loop Antenna |l" |_, ,_ _.o, , Ground [GND terminal minimum interference, connec[ the antenna terminal to a good earth ground.A good earth ground a metal stake driven into moist earth.
  • Page 20: Connecting External Av Components

    Connections Connecting external components If you connect external AV equipment followingAV jacks on the DVD receiveh record AV sources played on the DVD receiver examples of other AV equipment Connect theVCR or cassette shown. Connect the DVD receiver's AUX AUDIO OUT jacks on theVCR Before starting operation,...
  • Page 21: Using Thevcr For Recording Connecting Digital Audio Components Listening To Playback

    Digital Audio • Connect the DVD receiver's DIGITAL DIGITAL OUT jack on a digital audio component. Before starting operation, press AUX to select , ,u,,, ,J± o±, cqL ITITFTT n order input source, Notes: - You cannot hear or record the SA-CD or MP3-CD playback if you use a digital connection.
  • Page 22: Getting Started

    Getting Started Inserting batteries remote control Open the battery compartment. Insert two batteries type R06 or AA, following indications (+/-) inside the compartment. Close the cover: To replace the batteries If the batteries grow old, the effective operation distance of the remote control decreases considerably.
  • Page 23: Setting The Tv

    Setting the TV IMPORTANT! Make sure you have completed necessary connections. (See "Connecting TV" on page 13) _]_ Press DVDICD. •_ "]_'_,'E2" appears on the display panel. OTurn on theTV and set to the correct video-in channel. You should see the background the TV, "_ Usually this channel is between the lowest and...
  • Page 24: Setting Language Preferences

    Getting Started Setting language preferences You can select your preferred that this receiver will automatically preferred language for you whenever disc. If the language selected is not available on the disc, the disc's default setting language instead.The (on-screen the system menu will remain as you set it,...
  • Page 25: Setting Speaker Channels

    Setting speaker channels You can adjust the delay times (for center and surround speakers only) and volume level for individual speakers. These adjustments optimize the sound of your system to best suit your surroundings and setup. IMPORTANTt Press the SURR button on the remote control to select the multi-channel...
  • Page 26: Disc Operations

    Disc Operations IMPORTANT! - If the inhibit icon (Q or X) appears TV screen when a button function for that button the current disc or at the current - DVD discs and players are designed regional restrictions. Before make sure the disc is for the same zone as your receiver.
  • Page 27: Shuffle (Except Dvdidvd-Audiolvcdi Svcd/Divx)

    Repeat track/disc (except DVD-V/DVD-A) Each time you press REPEAT, the front display changes as follows; (__D TRACK _ DISC --<_] REPEATOFF _ ALL DISC TRACK: repeats the current track DISC: repeats the entire disc _-PALL DISC: repeats all discs loaded in the tray REPEAT OFF: exits repeat mode Repeat tracklgroupldisc...
  • Page 28: Other Operations (Dvd/Vcd/Svcd)

    Disc Operations Other operations playback (DVD/VCD/SVCD) TOP MENU/ RETURN -- MENU SUBTITLE -] AUDIO - Depending on the disc, a menu may appear on the TV screen once you load the disc. To select a playback feature • Use 4 I_AV keys or numeric the remote control, then press ENTER start playback.
  • Page 29: Resuming Playback Fl'om The Last Stopped Point

    You can resume playback of the last 10 discs, even if the disc was ejected or this receiver's switched off. li_ Load one of the last played 10 discs. "_"LD_2 :,_" (X=l_S) appears. Press IP- (or I_11) and the disc will be played back from the last stop point.
  • Page 30: Preview Function

    Disc Operations Preview traclddisc (DVD) Press SCAN. "4)The menu appears on the TV screen. Press • • to highlight [TITLE DIGEST], [CHAPTER DIGEST], [TITLE INTERVAL] or [CHAPTER INTERVAL]. Press ENTER (OK) to open one option. TITLE DIGEST This function displays a thumbnail help you preview the the title of the disc.
  • Page 31: Playing Mp3 Music And A Jpeg Picture Simultaneously

    Playing MP3/JPEG/DivX This receiver can play DivX, MP3,JPEG,VCD SVCD files on a personally recorded disc or commercial IMPORTANT! You have to turn on yourTV and set to the correctVideo In channel (see "Setting TV" on page 19). Load the disc. •"_ The disc reading time may exceed 30 seconds due to the complexity of the directory/file...
  • Page 32: Playback

    Disc Operations _[_ Load the SA-CD. The disc menu appears on the TV screen. Playback will start automatically. If the SA-CD consists of multi-channel stereo tracks, muki-channel tracks will have the priority for playback. To playback stereo tracks, use AW to make your selection from the disc menu,then I_11).
  • Page 33: Menu

    This setup is carried out via theTV, enabling you to customize the DVD receiver to suit your particular requirements. General Setup menu In DVD/CD mode, press SET Press 4 I_ to select the 'General Setup' icon. Press ENTER (OK) to confirm. _]_ In *GENERAL SETUP PAGE', presss AW to highlight [DVD-AUDIO], then press I_.
  • Page 34: Osd Language

    Select this to disable the screen Press AV to select (OK) to confirm. Yamaha provides you with the DivX®VOD On Demand) rent and purchase videos using the DivX®VOD service. For more information, www.divx.com/vod. _[_ In 'GENERAL...
  • Page 35: Menu

    Audio Setup Menu In DVD/CD mode, press SET Press _1 I_ to select'Audio Setup' icon. Press ENTER (OK) to confirm. This menu contains setup options for audio output so that you can set your speakers to reproduce high quality surround sound.
  • Page 36: Progressive Function - (On/Off)

    Setup Menu trr m , The progressive scan display present 60 complete frames per seconds, rather than 30 frames per second of interlaced scanning (ordinary system).With nearly double the number of lines, progressive scan offers higher picture resolution and eliminates bothersome motion artifacts jagged edge on moving objects.
  • Page 37: Closed Caption (U.s.a. Model Only)

    Closed captions are data hidden in the video signals of specific discs, and are invisible without a special decodel:The difference between and captions is that subtitles are intended for hearing persons and captions are for the hearing impaired. Subtitles rarely show all of the audio. For example, captions show sound effects (e&,"phone ringing"...
  • Page 38: Pbc

    Setup Menu 7 NC-17 Not for children under age 17; not recommended viewing for children under age 17. 8 ADULT Mature material; should be viewed to the inclusion of graphic sexual material, violence language. Notes: - VCD, SVCD, CD have no level indication, so the parental control function has no effect with these types of discs.This also applies to most illegal DVDs.
  • Page 39: Tuner Operations

    IMPORTANT! Make sure the FM andAM antennas are connected to this receiver. Tuning radio stations Press TUNER to select "TLIN[_P,'F_I" or "TUN/:7_,'_I'I". Press AV briefly on the remote control. -) "5_N_E_" appears. -O The next radio station is tuned automatically. Repeat step O (if necessary) until you find the desired radio station.
  • Page 40: Selecting A Preset Radio Station

    Tuner Operations Selecting a preset station • Press 1_141/ I_1_1or use the numeric to select a preset numbe): "_ The waveband, preset number, then radio frequency will appea): Press and hold • on the front panel until "_ql"l:(:( 2_;LT2" or"l- I"I;(;( 2_;LT2" (;(;( = preset number) appears.
  • Page 41: Sound Controls

    IMPORTANT! For proper surround sound, make sure the speakers and subwoofer are connected this receiver (see "Connecting receiver and speakers to the subwoofer" page 11). Selecting surround sound • Press SURR on the remote control to select: MULTI-CHANNEL or STEREO. •-_ The availability of the various surround modes depends on the number of speakers used and the sound available on the disc.
  • Page 42: Adjusting The Volume Level

    Volume Control and Other Adjusting volume Use theVOLUME control (or press VOL on the remote control) to increase or decrease the volume level. -3' _ uL , ,_,_ is the minimum volume ... _,uLn' H_,, is the maximum To mute the volume temporarily Press MUTE...
  • Page 43: Other Functions

    Controlling other components You can operate other components if you have set the remote control code for your component the remote control, Note that some buttons not correctly operate the selected component. Press TV forTV opeations POWER Numeric keypad (0=9) Functions forTV operation...
  • Page 44: Dimming The Display Screen

    Other Functions Dimming display In any active mode, press DIMMER control to select the desired brightness: DIM 1: 70% brightness DIM 2: 40% brightness DIM OFF: normal brightness Setting the sleep timer The sleep timer switches the receiver to Eco Power standby mode automatically...
  • Page 45: Troubleshooting

    WARNING Under no circumstances should you try to repair the system yourself, as this will invalidate your warranty. not open the system to avoid the risk of electric shock. If a fault occurs, check the following before problem by following the hints below, Problem No power...
  • Page 46 Troubleshooting Problem Not able to select some Items system menu. receiver does not start Sound played on the DVD receiver recorded with an external recorder. Sounds played on the AV equipment to the DVD receiver cannot be recorded external recording equipment.
  • Page 47 Problem The remote control does not function properly. remote control does not work for operating other equipment. Unable to play DivX movies. receiver does not work. NOTE; When sending the product for servicing, both the DVD Troubleshooting Solution Select the source (DVD/CD orTUNER, for example) before pressing the function...
  • Page 48 Glossary Analog: Sound that has not been turned Analog sound varies, while digital sound has specific numerical values. These jacks send audio through and right. Aspect ratio: The ratio of vertical and horizontal displayed image.The horizontal vs. vertical conventional TVs. is 4:3, and that of wide-screens AUDIO output: Red and white jacks on the back of the...
  • Page 49 AMPLIFIER SECTION Output Power - Front 150W RMS (10%THD, - Surround 150W RMS (10%THD, - Center 150W RMS (10%THD, - Subwoofer 150W RMS (10%THD, Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz / -3 d8 Signal-to-Noise Ratio > 100 d8 Input Sensitivity -AUX In,TV In 300 mV...
  • Page 50 Language Codes / Codes de Langue These codes can be used to select other languages.This does not affect the options "DISC MENU". Ces pagespermettent de choisird'autres langues.Ce r6glage n'affecte "S-TITRES" ou "MENU DISQUE". Abkhazian 6566 Afar 6565 Afrikaans 6570 Albanian 8381 Amharic 6577...
  • Page 51 Remote Yamaha 1009,1011,1036,1068 Admiral 1033,1080 Aiko 1032 Akai 1011 Alba 1005,1013,1014, 1064, 1076 1009, 1011 Audiovox 1032,1053,1079,1083 Belcor 1009 Bell & Howell 1007,1039 1055,1056,1059,1082 Blaupunkt 1064 Blue sky Bradford 1053 Brandt 1035,1057,1058 Brokwood 1009 Bush 1005,1013,1014,1064,1070,1072, 1076,1077 Candle 1011,1021 Clatronic...
  • Page 52 Remote Control Codes 3015 Taihan 3043 Teleservice 3022 Tele+l 3028 Tudi 3023 Tusa 3007 Tocom 3005 3048 Tongkook 3042, Toshiba 3001 United Cable 3002 Universal 3061, 3053,3060,3062,3063 Videoway 3017 Viewstar 3059, 3055, 3058, 3064, 3066 Visicable+ 3033 Westminster 3012 Wolsey Gene 3037 3034...

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