ATOM GPS (Outdoor NE05E and AE 905S)
Quick Installation Guide
Issue: 01
Date: 2016-06-30


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  • Page 1 ATOM GPS (Outdoor NE05E and AE 905S) Quick Installation Guide Issue: 01 Date: 2016-06-30 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.
  • Page 2: Trademarks And Permissions

    Notice The purchased products, services and features are stipulated by the contract made between Huawei and the customer. All or part of the products, services and features described in this document may not be within the purchase scope or the usage scope. Unless otherwise specified in the contract, all statements, information, and recommendations in this document are provided "AS IS"...
  • Page 3: Installation Flow

    Installation Flow Start Page 1 Precautions Preparation installation Page 2 Cables and Tools Pages Introduction to the ATOM Pages Installing the GPS Scenario I: Integrated Page 4 Satellite Antenna System Installation Scenario Pages Scenario II: Separated Installing the Power Pages Installation Pre- Installation Scenario Terminal to be...
  • Page 4 •This document describes how to connect the ATOM GPS to the GPS Satellite Antenna System. The ATOM GPS consists of the outdoor NE05E and AE 905S. NE05E-SJ is used as examples in this document.
  • Page 5 Cables and Tools Power cable Fiber PGND cable Shielded network cable Marker (used in Hex key Flathead Screwdriver Flathead Screwdriver wall-mounting scenarios) (M2-M6) (M2-M6) Level Claw hammer Adjustable Wrench Hammer drill (used in wall- (used in wall- (used in wall- (used in wall- mounting scenarios) mounting scenarios)
  • Page 6 Introduction to the ATN ATOM GPS NE05E-SJ NM interface Power supply NOTE (Console interface) interface FE/GE4 and FE/GE5 are Combo interfaces and either of them includes one SFP interface and one electrical Optical interface Electrical interface interface. The SFP and electrical interfaces cannot be used at the same time.
  • Page 7 Installing the GPS Satellite Antenna System Scenario I: Integrated Installation Scenario NOTE GTS antennas have high requirements on installation positions. For details about the position requirements, see Appendixes 2. Install the GPS antenna support on the ground Install the GPS antenna on the GPS antenna bar on the right of the device, and use two support, and use four screws to secure it.
  • Page 8 For requirements on the GPS installation, see GPS Satellite Antenna System Quick Installation Guide. For requirements on the GPS antenna position, see Appendixes 2. This document describes how to connect the ATN ATOM GPS to the GPS. Install the dual-female conversion adapter on...
  • Page 9 Scenario II: Separated Installation Scenario Remove the rubber plug, and connect the Insert the AE 905S to the optical interface on GPS feeder to the AE 905S. the NE05E, with the AE 905S ejector lever being locked. Use the GPS feeder to connect the Surge interface Implement 1+3+3 waterproof protection.
  • Page 10 Installation Pre-processing Installing the Power Terminal to be Connected to the NE05E Strip an 80 mm length of the black insulation Open the cover and measure an 80 mm length of layer of the power cable. the power cable at one end. 80mm Install the power cable terminal and crimp the Strip a 10 mm length of the insulation layers of the...
  • Page 11 Install the mounting bracket on the back of the NE05E NOTE Install the mounting bracket according to the direction shown in the figure. Ensure that the installation direction is not reversed. Mounting bracket Hex socket screws 1.2±0.2 N· M...
  • Page 12 Installing the NE05E Scenario I: Mounting the NE05E on a Pole Understand the expected installation effect Overall installation effect Cable installation effect Pole-mounting effect Install the multi-functional accessory Wear the hose clamps around the pole body Lead the hose clamps through and tighten the hose clamps the holes in the multi-functional accessory...
  • Page 13 Scenario I: Mounting the NE05E on a Pole Install the NE05E 1. Fix the mounting bracket on the back of the device on the multi-functional accessory from the top down. 2. Fasten the screw. 3±0.2 N· M Scenario II : Mounting the NE05E on a Wall Understand the expected installation effect Side view Front view...
  • Page 14 Scenario II : Mounting the NE05E on a Wall Install the multi-functional accessory Drill holes in the marked diagonal position Mark the installation position for the multi-functional accessory on the wall Use level to mark dots Ø8 drill bit horizontally. Remove the nut and flat washer, and install the Install the diagonal expansion bolt in pairs multi-functional accessory...
  • Page 15: Connecting And Routing Cables

    Connecting and Routing Cables Connecting a PGND cable Connecting power cables Choose a grounding point to install the ground cable. NOTE NOTE Assemble the OT terminal. For detailed To meet the waterproof and dustproof operation procedure, see Appendix. requirements, using the power cable with the diameter being 9.5 mm (+0.3mm) is recommended.
  • Page 16 场景二:挂墙安装ATN905 Perform power-on check and complete the installation Perform power-on check Power on the device and check whether the voltage, indicators, and optical power are normal. Allowable Voltage Range (AC) Standard Voltage of the Input Power 220V 100 V to 240 V Allowable Voltage Range (DC) Standard Voltage of the Input Power -48V or -60V...
  • Page 17: Complete The Installation

    场景二:挂墙安装ATN905 Complete the installation Close the clip and tighten the screws NOTE Install rubber plugs back to cable outlets connecting to no cables to prevent water and dust. 1.2±0.2 N· M Close the cover and bind the cables NOTE Bind the cables together to prevent cables from wobbling.
  • Page 18 Appendixes Assembling OT Terminals Material: OT terminals (ring terminals) , heat-shrinkable tube and cable. Press the end of the contact terminal on the Strip a part of the jacket off the cable to expose the conductor by using the crimping tool. conductor with a length of L1.
  • Page 19 Requirements for GPS Antenna Installation Positions NOTE This describes the requirements for the installation positions of the GPS antennas under different installation environments. General Requirements 1.The GPS antenna should be installed in an open space and is far ≥ 90° from high buildings.

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