Wall Mounting; Using The Equipment - AEG SHG 150 Operation And Installation

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4. Wall mounting

The product can be wall mounted only if the pedestal is not fitted and respecting the distances shown in figure
Screw the product to the lower support bracket as shown in figure 8 using the screws supplied.
Fix the wall bracket by making 2 holes in the wall 150 mm apart, using a 6 mm drill bit. Insert the 2 wall
anchors and fix the wall bracket using the 2 screws supplied as shown in figure 9.
Hook the product to the wall bracket first pushing it towards the wall and then making it click in downwards
(figure 10).
Use a pencil to mark the point at which to drill the hole for fixing the lower support, remove the product, drill the
hole in the wall using a 6 mm drill bit, and insert the wall anchor supplied (fig 11).
Hook the product to the plastic bracket again and fix the lower bracket using the relevant screws.
If the product is to be wall mounted the electrical connection to the power supply must be done by cutting off
the plug supplied and using a suitable terminal as per the diagram shown below:
In wet spaces like bathrooms or kitchens, the connection terminal must be installed at least 25 cm above the
5. Cable winder
When the product is not in use the cable can be coiled as shown in figure 12.
Remember that when using the product the cable must be completely uncoiled.

6. Using the equipment

6.1 Model with power and thermostat selector (figure 13)
This model has 2 knobs, one for adjusting the operating power and one for the thermostat.
The power regulator can be used to select 3 different operating modes for the product:
Turn the thermostat knob clockwise until you hear a "click". The product starts working at the power selected.
The thermostat maintains the ambient temperature required by switching the equipment on and off
automatically. The more the thermostat knob is turned clockwise to a position with a higher number, the higher
the temperature ensured. The maximum thermostat position corresponds to about 35° C, while the minimum (*)
is about 5° C.
WARNING! When the switch knob is at the maximum position (pos. II) do not turn it further clockwise.
WARNING! When the thermostat knob is at the maximum position (pos. MAX) do not turn it further clockwise.
When the product is working, slight undulations may occur on the surface of the heating element
inside the product. This is completely normal and does not affect correct functioning of the equipment
or its reliability over time.
For instructions on using the thermostat, see section 6.2.
6.2 Using the thermostat
In a room in which the temperature exceeds 35° C it is normal that, even when turned to maximum, the product
does not switch on.
On the contrary, in a room in which the temperature is too low (below 5° C) it is normal that, even whe n turned
to minimum, the thermostat will keep the equipment switched on all the time.
To make the best thermostat setting, we recommend the following:
- Put the thermostat on maximum and allow the equipment to run until a comfortable temperature is reached.
Phase = brown
Neutral = blue
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