Maintenance - AEG SHG 150 Operation And Installation

Mobile radiant heater
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- Then turn the thermostat knob anticlockwise until you hear a "click", and the equipment switches off.
- Then turn the thermostat knob clockwise again (only a little).
- In this position the thermostat will maintain the ambient temperature you have chosen.
When the product is working and heating the space, the relevant signal LED switched on.
7. Safety in case of abnormal operation
If the product overheats the protection system will automatically deactivate the heating elements and switch off
the equipment.
If this happens:
- Turn the thermostat knob clockwise to check that the thermostat has not simply switched off the equipment
because a high ambient temperature has been reached.
If the product does not start working normally again:
- Switch off the equipment
- Remove whatever is causing the overheating (e.g. obstructions at the air intake or air outlet grilles).
- Allow the product to cool for 15 – 20 minutes.
- Switch the product on again.
If you notice irregular operation, damage to the heating element or to the structure of the appliance, disconnect
the product from the mains power supply and contact your technical assistance center or dealer.

8. Maintenance

This product does not require specific maintenance.
Every six months we suggest removing any dust that has accumulated on the coil using a vacuum cleaner.
If you need any assistance, contact an authorised assistance centre.
If you have to change the power supply cable, remember that you have to use an HAR 2 x 1 mm
H05RN-F model cable.
Environment and recycling
Please help us to protect the environment by disposing of the packaging in accordance with the national
regulations for waste processing.
Recycling of obsolete appliances
Appliances with this label must not be disposed off with the general waste. They must be
collected separately and disposed off according to local regulations.
H05RR-F or



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