Honeywell FF-SRE6029 Instructions For Use Manual

Extension module
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  • Page 1 HONEYWELL FF-SRE60292 See full Datasheet below... BUY NOW BUY NOW & are authorized e-commerce distributors of electronic components.
  • Page 2 • Strictly adhere to all installation instructions Failure to comply with these instructions could result in death or serious injury. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The FF-SRE6029 Extension Module provides contact multiplication for safety devices with External Device Monitoring (EDM) capability (e.g.
  • Page 3: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Input Nominal voltage 24 Vdc (-10 %, +10 %) Nominal consumption dc: 1,5 W Output Contacts 4 NO, 1 NC (plus 1 NC for External Device Monitoring loop) Contact type Safety relay, positive-guided Response time Max. 15 ms (delay on de-energisation) Delay on energisation Typ.
  • Page 4: Mechanical Installation

    A1(+) A2(-) MECHANICAL INSTALLATION The FF-SRE6029 must be installed inside an IEC IP 54 (NEMA 3) rating enclosure or better. The module can be clipped easily onto a 35 mm (1.38 in.) width rail (see figure 5 for installation and removal).
  • Page 5: Electrical Installation

    ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION In the case of an emergency stop condition, the safety device connected to the FF-SRE6029 module is actuated ELECTRICAL SHOCK and the internal safety relays K1 and K2 de-energise. The Remove power from FF-SR Series control modules and normally open safety contacts (13/14…43/44) will open...
  • Page 6 • If the FF-SRE6029 is not activated often, the customer should perform additional test procedures of the safety components. This testing may be done every day by removing the power from the FF-SRE6029 at machine power IMPROPER ARC SUPPRESSOR INSTALLATION •...
  • Page 7: Application Examples

    • The External Device Monitoring (EDM) function checks the correct operation of the internal relays before each FF-SRE6029 activation and is able to detect failures of the internal relays (e.g. welded safety relay contacts). • ALWAYS connect the normally closed contact (Y1/Y2) of the extension module to the External Device Monitoring (EDM) loop of the connected safety device.
  • Page 8 Monitoring (EDM) is closed and the static safety outputs of the FF-SYB receiver are energising. The normally open contacts of the FF-SRE6029 module will close and the normally closed contacts will open. The LED relay output indicators K1 and K2 illuminate.
  • Page 9 FIGURE 11. FF-SRE6029 TROUBLESHOOTING FLOW DIAGRAM Machine Down Damaged Are the contacts. Ensure outputs contacts Are K1 AND K2 maximum load is 13/14, ..., 43/44 LEDs ON? within closed? specification. Replace module. Are K1 AND K2 LEDs OFF? Is the problem...
  • Page 10: Order Guide

    While we provide application assistance, personally and through our literature and the Honeywell Website, it is up to the customer to determine the suitability of the product in the application.