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Broiling; Broiling "_Ps - Maytag CRE8400B Manual

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Broiling is used for
When broiling in an electric oven, preheat 3-4 min-
tender cuts of meat or
utes for optimal browning.
marinated meats, fish
and some fruits and
For best results, steaks and chops should be at least
3/4" thick. Thinner cuts should be panbroiled.
vegetables. The food
is placed directly under
Before broiling, trim excess fat to prevent exces-
the top element or
sive spattering or smoking. Cut srashes in the outer
under the gas flame,
edges of the fat to prevent curling during cooking.
The desired doneness
is determined by the
Season meat after cooking.
Salt tends to draw
distance between the
juices out of the meat and delay browning.
food and the heat
Use the broiler pen supplied with your oven. It is
source and the cooking
designed to drain excess liquid and fat away from
the cooking surface to prevent spatters and smoke.
Do not cover the broiler insert with aluminum foil.
This prevents fat from draining into the pan bot-
tom. However, for easier clean-up, line the broiler
pan (bottom portion) with foil and spray the insert
with non-stick vegetable coating.
The rack position selected for broiling depends on
the thickness of the meat and the desired doneness.
Thin cuts (3/4 to 1 inch) should be placed 2-3 inches
from the heat; thicker cuts should be placed 3-6
inches from the heat,



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