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Step-By-Step Installation - Samsung DW50R4070BB User Manual

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Step-by-step installation

The installation procedure may differ depending on the model.
STEP 1 Select a location
• If you are replacing an old dishwasher, check the existing connections for compatibility
with the new dishwasher and replace the connections as needed.
• You may need to cut a hole in the opposite side of the cabinet according to the location
of the electrical outlet.
DW4000RM(A5)_IB_DD81-02709E-01_EN.indd 17
Select a location that meets the following
• The location must have a solid floor that
can support the weight of the dishwasher.
• The location must be near a sink with easy
access to the water supply, drain system,
and electrical outlet.
• The location must let you load dishes into
the dishwasher easily.
• The location must have sufficient space
for the dishwasher door to open easily
and provide enough space between the
dishwasher and the cabinet sides.
• The rear wall must be free of obstructions.
Installation in a new location
If you install the dishwasher in a new
location, follow these instructions before
installing the dishwasher.
1. Using a hole saw, cut a hole into the side
of the cabinet that holds the sink (A).
2. If the base inside the sink cabinet is raised
above the kitchen floor and is higher than
the connections on the dishwasher, make a
hole in the base inside the cabinet and in
the cabinet side (B).


Table of Contents

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