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Whirlpool ST21PKXJW00 Use & Care Manual

Whirlpool top-mount refrigerator use & care guide
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Use & Care Guide
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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool ST21PKXJW00

  • Page 1 TOP-MOUNT REFRIGERATOR Use & Care Guide Table of Contents ... 2 2205261...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS REFRIGERATOR SAFETY ...3 INSTALLING YOUR REFRIGERATOR ...4 Unpacking Your Refrigerator ...4 Space Requirements...4 Electrical Requirements ...5 Connecting the Refrigerator to a Water Source ...5 Base Grille ...6 Refrigerator Doors: Removing, Reversing and Replacing...7 Door Closing and Alignment ...8 Understanding Sounds You May Hear...9 USING YOUR REFRIGERATOR ...9 Ensuring Proper Air Circulation...9...
  • Page 3: Refrigerator Safety

    Your safety and the safety of others are very important. We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages. This is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. All safety messages will follow the safety alert symbol and either the word “DANGER”...
  • Page 4: Installing Your Refrigerator

    INSTALLING YOUR REFRIGERATOR Unpacking Your Refrigerator WARNING Excessive Weight Hazard Use two or more people to move and install refrigerator. Failure to do so can result in back or other injury. Remove shelves from the shipping position (shelves are shipped upside down): IMPORTANT: Do not clean glass shelves with warm water when they are cold.
  • Page 5: Electrical Requirements

    Electrical Requirements WARNING Electrical Shock Hazard Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet. Do not remove ground prong. Do not use an adapter. Do not use an extension cord. Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, fire, or electrical shock. Before you move your refrigerator into its final location, it is important to make sure you have the proper electrical connection:...
  • Page 6: Base Grille

    7. Slip compression sleeve and compression nut on copper tubing as shown. Insert end of tubing into outlet end squarely as far as it will go. Screw compression nut onto outlet end with adjustable wrench. Do not overtighten. 8. Place the free end of the tubing into a container or sink, and turn ON main water supply and flush out tubing until water is clear.
  • Page 7: Refrigerator Doors: Removing, Reversing And Replacing

    Refrigerator Doors: Removing, Reversing (optional) and Replacing TOOLS NEEDED: in. hex-head socket wrench, No. 2 Phillips screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver, putty knife. IMPORTANT: Before you begin, turn the refrigerator control OFF, unplug refrigerator or disconnect power. Remove food and any adjustable door or utility bins from doors. Door Removal &...
  • Page 8: Door Closing And Alignment

    Door and hinge removal ” Hex Head Hinge Screw 1. Unplug refrigerator or disconnect power. 2. Open refrigerator door and remove base grille from the bottom front of the refrigerator (see Base Grille graphic). 3. Close the refrigerator door and keep both doors closed until you are ready to lift them free from the cabinet.
  • Page 9: Understanding Sounds You May Hear

    3. Use a screwdriver to adjust the leveling screws. Turn the leveling screw to the right to raise that side of the refrigerator or turn the leveling screw to the left to lower that side. It may take several turns of the leveling screws to adjust the tilt of the refrigerator.
  • Page 10: Setting The Control(S)

    Setting the Control(s) For your convenience, the refrigerator controls are preset at the factory. Controls for the refrigerator and freezer are located in the top of the refrigerator section. When you first install your refrigerator, make sure that the control(s) are still preset. The control(s) should be at the “mid-settings”...
  • Page 11: Refrigerator Features

    CONDITION/REASON: REFRIGERATOR section too cold Controls not set correctly for your conditions Blocked air stream FREEZER section too cold Controls not set correctly for your conditions Blocked air stream REFRIGERATOR FEATURES Your model may have some or all of these features. Features that can be purchased separately as product accessories are labeled with the word “Accessory.”...
  • Page 12: Meat Drawer And Cover

    To replace the shelf: NOTE: Make sure that both of the rear shelf slides are securely in the track before letting go of the shelf. The lateral shelf may be difficult to install if the track is placed too close to the refrigerator ceiling.
  • Page 13: Crisper And Crisper Cover

    Crisper and Crisper Cover (on some models - Accessory) To remove and replace the crisper(s): 1. Slide crisper(s) straight out to the stop. Lift the front of the crisper(s) and slide out the rest of the way. 2. Replace the crisper(s) by sliding back in fully past the drawer stop.
  • Page 14: Freezer Features

    FREEZER FEATURES Your model may have some or all of these features. Features that can be purchased separately as product accessories are labeled with the word “Accessory.” Not all accessories will fit all models. If you are interested in purchasing one of the accessories, please call the toll-free number on the cover or in the "Assistance or Service"...
  • Page 15: Adjustable Half-Width Freezer Shelf

    Adjustable Half-width Freezer Shelf (on some models) To remove and replace the shelf: 1. Remove the shelf by lifting the shelf up and pulling straight out. 2. Replace the shelf over the supports and lower it into place. Pull-out Freezer Floor (on some models) To remove and replace the freezer floor: 1.
  • Page 16: Flip-Up Door Shelf

    2. Place the front of the utility compartment on top of the shelf rail. Lower the back of the compartment onto the ribs on the refrigerator door. To adjust the utility compartment or tray: 1. Lift the front slightly and slide to desired position. 2.
  • Page 17: Power Interruptions

    4. Plug in refrigerator or reconnect power. Power Interruptions If the electricity in your house goes off, call the power company and ask how long it will be off. 1. If the power will be out for 24 hours or less, keep both refrigerator doors closed to help food stay cold and frozen.
  • Page 18 There is water in the defrost drain pan Is the refrigerator defrosting? The water will evaporate. It is normal for water to drip into the defrost pan. Is it more humid than normal? Expect that the water in the defrost pan will take longer to evaporate.
  • Page 19: Assistance Or Service

    To locate the Whirlpool designated service company in your area, you can also look in your telephone directory Yellow Pages. For further assistance If you need further assistance, you can write to Whirlpool Corporation with any questions or concerns at: Whirlpool Brand Home Appliance Consumer Assistance Center c/o Correspondence Dept.
  • Page 20: Warranty

    For two years from the date of purchase, when this refrigerator (excluding the water filter) is operated and maintained according to instructions attached to or furnished with the product, Whirlpool Corporation will pay for factory specified parts and repair labor costs to correct defects in materials or workmanship.