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Whirlpool RS20AQXFN00 Use & Care Manual page 54

Estate side by side refrigerator
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There is interior moisture build-up
Check if ...
The air vents are blocked in the refrigerator.
The door is opened often.
The room is humid.
The food is not packaged correctly.
The controls are not set correctly for the
surrounding conditions.
A self defrost cycle was completed.
The doors will not close completely
Check if ...
Food packages are blocking the door open.
The ice bin is out of position.
The pans, shelves, bins, or baskets are out
of position.
The gaskets are dirty.
The refrigerator is not level.
The doors were removed during product installation
and not properly replaced.
The doors are difficult to open
Check if ...
The gaskets are dirty or sticky.
Then ...
Remove any objects from in front of the air vents. Refer to
"Ensuring proper air circulation" for the location of air vents.
To avoid humidity build-up, try to get everything you need
out of the refrigerator at once, keep food organized so it is
easy to find, and close the door as soon as the food is
removed. (When the door is opened, humidity from the
room air enters the refrigerator. The more often the door
is opened, the faster humidity builds up, especially when
the room itself is very humid.)
It is normal for moisture to build up inside the refrigerator
when the room air is humid.
Check that all food is securely wrapped. If necessary,
repackage food according to the guidelines in the "Food
Storage Guide" section. Wipe off damp food containers
before placing in the refrigerator.
Refer to the "How the controls work" section.
It is normal for droplets to form on the back wall after the
refrigerator self-defrosts.
Then ...
Rearrange containers so that they fit more tightly and take up
less space.
Push the ice bin in all the way.
Put all pans, shelves, bins, and baskets back into their
correct position.
Clean gaskets according to the directions in the "Caring for
Your Refrigerator" section.
Level the refrigerator. Refer to the "Leveling" section.
Remove and replace the doors according to the "Removing
the doors" section, or call a qualified person.
Then ...
Clean gaskets according to the directions in the "Caring
for Your Refrigerator" section.



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