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Whirlpool RS20AQXFN00 Use & Care Manual page 51

Estate side by side refrigerator
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The ice maker is not producing ice
Check if ...
The freezer temperature is not cold enough to
produce ice.
The ice maker arm is in the "OFF" (up) position.
The water line shut-off valve to the refrigerator is not
turned on.
An ice cube is jammed in the ejector arm.
The ice maker mold has no water in it or no ice
has been produced.
The ice maker is producing too little ice
Check if ...
The ice maker has just been installed.
A large amount of ice has just been removed.
The controls are not set correctly.
The water shut-off valve is not turned completely on.
There is a water filter installed on the refrigerator.
This filter may be clogged or installed incorrectly.
Off-taste or odor in the ice
Check if ...
The plumbing connections are new, causing
discolored or off-flavored ice.
The ice cubes have been stored for too long.
Food in the freezer has not been wrapped properly.
Freezer and ice bin need to be cleaned.
Water contains minerals (such as sulfur).
Then ...
See the "Setting the controls" section.
Lower arm to the "ON" (down) position. See the "Using the
optional automatic ice maker" section.
Turn on the water valve. See the "Attaching the optional ice
maker to a water supply" section.
Remove the ice from the ejector arm with a plastic utensil.
Refer to the "Using the optional automatic ice maker" section.
Check to see if your refrigerator has been connected to
your home water supply and the supply shut-off valve is
turned on. Refer to the "Attaching the optional ice maker
to a water supply" section.
If not due to any of the above, there may be a problem with
the water line. Contact the Consumer Assistance Center.
Then ...
Wait 72 hours for full ice production to begin. Once your
refrigerator is cooled down, the ice maker should begin
producing 70-120 cubes every 24 hours.
Allow 24 hours for ice maker to produce more ice.
Refer to the "Setting the controls" section.
Turn valve on fully. Refer to the "Attaching the optional ice
maker to a water supply" section.
First, check the filter installation instructions to ensure
that the filter was installed correctly and is not clogged.
If installation or clogging is not a problem, call a qualified
person or a technician.
Then ...
Discard the first few batches of ice.
Throw old ice away and make a new supply.
Refer to the "Storing frozen food" section.
See the "Cleaning your refrigerator" section.
A filter may need to be installed to remove the minerals.



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