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Whirlpool WE-345P Use & Care Manual

30-inch free-standing electric range
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Model WE-345P
Oven Vent
and Serial



  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool WE-345P

  • Page 1 Manual Oven Light Switch Model and Serial Number Plate Automatic Oven Light Switch Removable Storaae Drawer Removable Oven Door FREE-STANDING ELECTRIC RANGE Model WE-345P Control Panel Oven Vent Reflector Bowls Broil Element Oven Rack...
  • Page 2 Oven Signal Light Oveh Temperature Control Knob Table of Contents YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES USING THE SURFACE UNIT CONTROLS USING I-HE OVEN CONTROLS Baklnj Brolill!cl 0 Variahii B~h):l i racy: rt’ . Rewt::~ty rtw I !~t” e!i,;nlwrarurt~ Controls Knob SETTING THE CLOCK THE CORRECT THE MINUTE: TIMER USING...
  • Page 3 Surface Unit Signal Light Surf&e Unit Control Knobs Your responsibilities responsibilities. Guide” is properly in a well-ventilated is connected and grounding IS used only for lobs expected is out of the weather. is properly is not used by children or others who may not understand Minute Timer Surface Unit...
  • Page 4 Using Turn either way to the setting you waljt (For example. sure this light is off when you have finished use your surface units. you ~111 get used to the settings that match your pots. pans and favorite foods the best. MED-HI MED-LO PUSH...
  • Page 5 sitions for different to BROIL. ALWAYS broil with door open about inches (10 cm). Loosen the locking Variable NOTICE screw; position of notches. be slowed down by it>ttlng a lower temperature ature Control cause th? broil elemk’nt TO turn on and off during the broiling iood hrolls more slo:4iv Broil Element some of rhe ttme T!I+ lower the temperature...
  • Page 6 Setting 1. Push in the Minute Timer Knob and turn it clockwise show the correct time of day. The Minute Timer dial will turn as you set the clock. When clock let the knob pop out. Then. while it is out, turn the Minute Timer hand counter-clockwise setting Using the Minute...
  • Page 7 Start 3. Push in and turn Time Knob cloc.kwlse to the time you want the oben to start. 5. Turn the Oven Temperature Control Knob to the temper- ature you want to use to cook the food. When cooking is finished, 0~en Temperaturca C ~Jntrnl Knobs to “OFF“...
  • Page 8 Oven rack positions them to be before you turn on the oven. until It stops. Then lift up the front edge and pull again. It will slide past the stops. out of the guides and out of the oven. the oven and slide it in. keeping the stops in the rack guides.
  • Page 9 Canning Kit. Order the kit from your Whirlpool Dealer or Tech-Care Service Company.
  • Page 10 You can use the heavy-duty l&inch states Or you can order 241430) frc)m your Whirlpool Dealer the foil. make sure It is long enough bottom with enough left over to start up both sides Make sure the bake element IS cool Lift it far enough to raise Its feet...
  • Page 11 Cleaning spills and spatters clean under and behlnd the control knobs and surface units This sectton u~ill tell vou how tc~) remove those, and what to use when cleaninq Removing 1 Be sure the control knobs are set to “OFF.” Pull the black kt lobs straisht off If rhg cotltrol Wash the knob5 land tnm rings) In warm, sudsy water...
  • Page 12 Cleaning the center the notch in the coc)ktod) Scourlny enamel finishes and ( an scratch chrome. control console Ci hard porcelain Prop up the top with support rod. Removing remol’e Take hold of both angle it is in. Into slots at the bottom both bottom door down evenly..
  • Page 13: What To Use

    Warm, soapy water or soap6 Continuous Cleaning Oven scrubbing tie,~~~y-duty aluminum avallable at grocery stores or ordc>r Part No 24 1430 from your WhIrlpool dealer or your TECH-CARE” service representative M~yt fat \pcltter> on tiii’ C‘ontlrluou> gratiually I-tlduce to a prrsentably ro<3>tlng operations...
  • Page 14: If You Need Service Or Assistance

    IF YOU NEED SERVICE OR ASSISTANCE, FOLLOW THESE FOUR STEPS: 1. Before calling for assistance.. Performance problems often result from little things you can find and fix yourself hrithout tools of any kind. If nothing operates: Is the range plugged into an operating with the proper voltage’>...
  • Page 15 Whirlpool Administrative 2000 US-33 North Benton ‘If you must call or write, please provide: ber, date of purchase, information assistance Call the Whirlpool COOL-LINE” U.S..with one of our trained Consultants. you in how to obtain satisfactory...
  • Page 16 will fli right and work rIghI because made used to build every new ‘JVhirlpcO appllonce Rev. B Part 310610 FSP 1s a regIstered trademark of Whlrlpoo CorporalIon quality parts Look for this symbol of quality whenever you need a replacement port for your tiJhlrlpool oppllance FSP replacement...

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