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Whirlpool SF3000EY Use & Care Manual

Standard-cleaning gas ranges
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Summary of Contents for Whirlpool SF3000EY

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    UseAhdCare STANDARD-CLEANING TO THE INSTALLER: PLEASE LEAVE THIS INSTRUCTION BOOK WITH THE UNIT. TO THE CONSUMER: PLEASE READ AND KEEP THIS BOOK FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. A Note To You Important Safety Instructions Parts And Features Using Your Range Caring for Your If You Need Warranty 1-800-253-1301...
  • Page 2: A Note To You

    A Note To You Thank buying a Whirlpool You have purchased a quality, world-class home appliance. Years of engineering into its manufacturing. To ensure that you will enjoy many years of trouble-free developed this Use and Care Guide. It is full of valuable information on how to operate and maintain your appliance properly and safely.
  • Page 3: Instructions

    Gas ranges have been thoroughly tested for safe and efficient operation. However, as with any appliance, there are specific installation and safety precautions which must be followed to ensure safe and satisfactory operation. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical damage when using the range, follow basic precautions, WARNING: If the information...
  • Page 4 Do not store things children might want above the range. Children could be burned or injured while climbing on it. Do not leave children alone or unattended in area where the range is in use. They should never be allowed to sit or stand on any part of the range.
  • Page 5 Never leave surface burners unattended at high heat settings. A boilover could result and cause smoking and greasy spillovers that may ignite. Turn pan handles inward, but not over other surface burners. This will help reduce the chance of burns, igniting of flammable materials, and spills due to bumping of the Dan.
  • Page 6: Parts And Features

    Parts And Features This section contains captioned illustrations of your range. Use them to become familiar with the location and appearance of all parts and features. Anti-tip bracket (on wall behind Oven vent Surface burners and grates Model and ser’ number plate (under cookto Broiler...
  • Page 7: Using Your Range

    Using Your Range In This Section Using the surface burners ....... . . 7 Positioning racks and pans ...
  • Page 8 Until you get used to the settings, use the following as a guide. For best results, start cooking at the high setting; then turn the control knob down to continue cooking. RECOMMENDED SETTING To light the burner. After the LITE burner lights, turn control back to a desired setting.
  • Page 9 Home canning information The larger diameter of most water-bath or pressure canners combined with high heat settings for long periods of time can cause damage to the cooktop. To protect your range: For best results, use a canner which can be centered over the surface burner.
  • Page 10 For best air circulation Hot air must circulate around the pans in the oven for even hear to reach all parts of the oven. This results in better baking. Place the pans so that one is not directly over the other. For best results, allow 1 X-2 inches (4-5 cm) of spacearoundeachpan andbetweenpansand...
  • Page 11 Lighting standing (models SF3OOOSY, SF304BSA, SF302BSA To light range pilots: Make sure all controls are turned off. Remove the surface burner grates from the cooktop. Lift the cooktop. (See “Lift-up cooktop” on page 16.) To light, hold a lit match over the pilot light located between the front and back burners.
  • Page 12 Baking/roasting 1. Position the rack(s) properly before turning on the oven. To change rack position, rack at front and pull out. For further informa- tion, see “Positioning racks and pans” on page 9. 2. Push in and turn the Oven Temperature Control to the baking/roasting temperature want.
  • Page 13 Adjusting the oven Oven temperature controls will gradually shift after years of use. So, even though your new oven is properly adjusted to provide accurate tempera- tures, it may cook faster or slower than your old oven. If, after using the oven for a period of time, you are not satisfied with the temperature settings, you can adjust them by following these steps:...
  • Page 14 4. Push in and turn the Oven Temperature Control to BROIL. The broiler will automati- cally light in 50-60 seconds. 5. When broiling is done, turn the Oven Temperature Control to OFF. NOTE: Do not preheat the broiler before using. Completely close the broiler drawer during broiling.
  • Page 15: Caring For Your

    The anti-tip bracket The range will not tip during normal use. How- ever, tipping can occur if you apply too much force or weight to the open door without the anti-tip bracket properly secured. To verify the anti-tip bracket is engaged: Look to see if the anti-tip bracket is attached with screws to the wall behind the backguard.
  • Page 16 Lift-up cooktop 1. Remove surface burner grates. 2. Lift front of cooktop at both front corners until the support rods lock into place. Personal Injury and Product Damage Hazard Be sure both support rods are fully ex- tended and in the locked position. Failure to do so could result in personal injury from the cooktop accidentally falling.
  • Page 17 5. Before putting the burners back, dry them thoroughly by setting them in a warm oven for 30 minutes. 6. Replace burners, making sure they are properly seated and level. Replace screws. 7. Occasionally check the burner flames for proper size and shape as shown. A good flame is blue in color.
  • Page 18 To replace: 1. Be sure the hinge arms are in the open position. Be careful if pulling the hinges open by hand. Hinges may snap back against the oven frame and could pinch fingers. 2. Hold the door at the sides near the top. Insert hinge arms into slots at the bottom of the door.
  • Page 19 Cleaning chart Use the following table to help you clean all parts of your range. PART WHAT TO USE Control knobs Sponge and warm, soapy water Sponge and warm, soapy Control panel water Paper towel and spray glass cleaner Exterior surfaces Sponge and warm, soapy (other than control...
  • Page 20 PART WHAT TO USE _--.- ----. Steel-wool pad and I Broiler drawer, pan , and grid (clean after warm, soapy water ! each use) -- - .- .-..-___ Steel-wool pad and Oven racks warm, soapy water -____ Oven door glass Paper towel and spray (Models SF304BSA glass cleaner...
  • Page 21: If You Need

    If You Need Assistance Or Service This section is designed to help you save the cost of a service call. Part 1 of this section outlines possible problems, their causes, and actions you can take to solve each problem. Parts 2 and 3 tell you what to do if you still need assistance or service.
  • Page 22 PROBLEM POSSIBLE Burner makes Burner is wet from washing popping noise when on You are not pushing in before Control knob(s) will not turn turning. Cooking results The range is not level. are not what you expected The oven temperature low or too high.
  • Page 23 Whirlpool appliance. To locate FSP replacement parts in your area, refer to Step 3 above or call the Whirlpool Consumer Assistance Center number in Step 2. 5. If you are not satisfied the problem solved .
  • Page 24: Warranty

    Outside the United States, a different warranty may apply. For details, please contact your authorized Whirlpool distributor or military exchange. If you need service, first see the “Assistance “Assistance or Service,”...

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