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Baking/Roasting - Whirlpool FGS395Y Use And Care Manual

Whirlpool self-cleaning gas range use and care guide fgs395y
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1. Position
the rack(s) properly before turning
on the oven. To change
rack position,
rack at front and pull out. For further informa-
tion, see "Positioning
racks and pans" on
page 9.
2. Push the Bake Temp button. 'I---O" will show in
the small display and BAKE will come on.
NOTE: Make sure the door is unlocked. If the
door is locked. the oven will not work.
3. Turn the Time/Temp
Set Knob until the
desired temperature
shows in the small
display. Once the temperature
is set, ON will
come on.
NOTE: The temperature
shown in the display
will start at 350". The temperature
increase or decrease by 5" increments as you
turn the Time/Temp
Set Knob. If a bake
is not set within 6 seconds of
pushing the Bake Temp button, BAKE and
"--o" will disappear from the display.
4. When baking, preheat the oven. (Preheating
not needed when roasting.) The oven is
preheated when you see the set temperature
in the small display.
NOTE: The small display will show the actual
oven temperature
in 5" increments, starting at
75', while the oven is preheating.
5. Put food in the oven. During baking/roasting,
the oven burner will turn on and off to keep the
oven temperature
at the setting.
6. When baking/roasting
is done, push the
Cancel button. The time of day will show in the
display and all other indicators will go off.



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