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Whirlpool FGS395Y Use And Care Manual page 24

Whirlpool self-cleaning gas range use and care guide fgs395y
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Remove any pots and pans being stored in the
NOTE: You can clean the broiler pan and grid in
the oven if you have first removed most of the
soil by hand-cleaning
or a dishwasher.
If most of
the soil is not removed, too much smoking will
. Wipe out any loose soil or grease. This will
help reduce smoke during the cleaning cycle.
Remove the oven racks from the oven if you
want them to remain shiny. You can clean the
oven racks in the Self-Cleaning
cycle, but they
will become harder to slide. (See page 30.) If
you clean racks in the Self-Cleaning
cycle, place
them on the 2nd and 4th rack guides. (Guides
are counted from bottom to top.)
Heat and odors are normal during the Self-
Cleaning cycle. Keep the kitchen well ventilated
by opening a window or by turning on a vent
hood or other kitchen vent during the cycle.
NOTE: This oven is equipped with an internal
cooling fan. You will hear a fan sound during a
normal Self-Cleaning
cycle. This fan comes on
to keep the electronic control cool.
Canceling the oven will not turn off this fan. It will
continue running until the electronic control has
sufficiently cooled. The fan will then automatically
turn off.
Injury and
Damage Hazard
Do not touch the oven during the Self-
Cleaning cycle. It could burn you.
. Do not use commercial
oven cleaners in
your oven. Cleaners may produce hazard-
ous fumes or damage the porcelain finish.
NOTE: Do not block the vent during the Self-
Cleaning cycle. Air must move freely for best
cleaning results.
Do not leave plastic utensils near the vent.
They may melt.
the controls
Make sure the clock is set to the correct time-of-
day. (See "Setting the clock" on page 12.)
To start
1. Move the Lock Lever all the way to the right -
the Clean position. LOCKED will come on
when the oven temperature
goes above
normal broiling temperatures.
2. Push the Clean button. CLN TIME will light up
and "-HR:--" will show in the display.
3. Turn the Time/Temp
Set Knob until "3H?00"
appears in the display. If a Self-Cleaning
other than three hours is desired, turn the
Set Knob to the new time from two
to four hours.
2 hours for light soil.
- Use 3-4 hours for moderate to heavy soil.
NOTE: If the Clean button is pushed when the
door is not latched, "door" will appear in the large
display. Move the Lock Lever all the way to the
right to latch the door.



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