Refrigerant Charge; Charging Units With R-410A Refrigerant; Confirm Id Airflow And Coils Are Clean; Measurement Device Setup - Fujitsu FO14R Series Installation Instructions Manual

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Checking Refrigerant Charge
Charge for all systems should be checked against
the Charging Chart inside the access panel cover.
compressor shell is hot. Touching the compressor
top may result in serious personal injury.
charging method as outlined on the next page to
ensure proper system charge.
The optimum refrigerant charge
for any outdoor unit matched with an indoor
coil/air handler is affected by the application.
Therefore, charging data has been developed to
assist the field technician in optimizing the charge
for all mounting configurations (UF – Upflow,
DF – Downflow, LH – Left-Hand Discharge,
and RH – Right-Hand Discharge). Refer to the
charging chart inside the access panel cover on
the unit and choose the appropriate column for
the specific application being installed or serviced.
New installations utilizing either an RCF indoor
coil installed on a gas furnace or an RH series air
handler in the downflow or horizontal right-hand
discharge may require removal of refrigerant since
the factory charge could result in an overcharge
Charging Units With R-410A
approximately 60% higher (1.6 times) than R-22
pressures. Use appropriate care when using this
refrigerant. Failure to exercise care may result in
equipment damage or personal injury.
Charge for all systems should be checked against
the Charging Chart inside the access panel cover.
compressor without charge in the system.
Addition of R-410A will raise high-side pressures
(liquid and discharge).
System maintenance is to be
performed by a qualified and certified technician.
The following method is used for charging systems
in the cooling and heating mode. All steps listed
should be performed to ensure proper charge has
been set. For measuring pressures, the service
valve port on the liquid valve (small valve) and
the service port on the suction line between the
reversing valve and compressor are to be used.
The top of the scroll
Use factory-approved
R-410A pressures are
Do not operate the
Confirm ID Airflow and Coils
Are Clean
Confirm adequate indoor supply airflow prior to
starting the system. See the Technical Specification
Sheet for rated airflow for each ID/OD unit match.
Air filter(s) and coils (indoor and outdoor) are to be
clean and free of frost prior to starting the system.
Supply airflow must be between 320 and 450 cfm
per rated cooling ton prior to adjusting system
charge. If a humidification system is installed,
disengage it from operation prior to charge
adjustment. Verify that the outdoor unit is operating
in second stage and the indoor air mover is
delivering the second-stage airflow for this system
size. Refer to the "Checking Airflow" section of this
manual for further instruction.
Verify system components are
matched according to the outdoor unit Specification

Measurement Device Setup

1. With an R-410A gauge set, attach the high-
pressure hose to the access fitting on the liquid
line (small) service valve at the OD unit.
2. Attach the low-pressure hose to the common
suction port connected to the common suction line
between the reversing valve and compressor.
3. Attach a temperature probe within 6" [15.2 cm]
outside of the unit on the copper liquid line
(small line). For more accurate measurements,
clean the copper line prior to measurement and
use a calibrated clamp-on temperature probe or
an insulated surface thermocouple.

Charging by Weight

Adjust the system charge by
weight for the straight length of the refrigerant line set.
For a new installation, evacuation of inter-
connecting tubing and indoor coil is adequate;
otherwise, evacuate the entire system. Use the
factory charge shown in "Electrical and Physical
Data" on page 5 of these instructions or on the unit
data plate. Note that the charge value includes
charge required for 15 ft. [4.6 m] of standard-size
interconnecting liquid line without a filter drier.
Calculate actual charge required with installed
liquid line size and length using:
1/4" [6.4 mm] O.D. = .3 oz./ft. [8.5 g/.30 m]
5/16" [7.9 mm] O.D. = .4 oz./ft. [11.3 g/.30 m]
3/8" [9.5 mm] O.D. = .6 oz./ft. [17.0 g/.30 m]
1/2" [12.7 mm] O.D. = 1.2 oz./ft. [34.0 g/.30 m]
Add 6 oz. for field-installed filter drier.


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