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Samsung MOS-C1 Installation Manual

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(Energy Recovery Ventilator)
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  Summary of Contents for Samsung MOS-C1

  • Page 1 INSTALLATION MANUAL MOS-C1 (Energy Recovery Ventilator) DB98-29348A(1) MOS-C1_IM_E_29348-1.indd 2008-01-31 ソタネト 3:57:19...
  • Page 2: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION This information is provided to prevent personal injury and material damage. Please read all safety information before use WARNING CAUTION Risk of death or serious personal Potential risk of personal injury or injury. material damage. WARNING Please contact the Service Always use rated voltage.
  • Page 3 SAFETY INFORMATION  (Continued) CAUTION Do not expose the product to Install the product in a place excessive heat or flammable without moisture. sources  Moisture may cause damage to  the product and electric shock.  P otential risk of fire hazard or ...
  • Page 4 INSTALLATION OF CO SENSOR Parts Installation Parts CO Sensor Cable Bolt Cable Tie INSU manual Image Instructions A pplicable Models: RHF025EE   1) Turn off the power and Back disconnect the product from power supply. Front 2) Unscrew the three bolts from the maintenance cover.
  • Page 5 INSTALLATION OF CO SENSOR  (Continued) 4) Disengage the connector attached to the damper for ventilation switch. Pull the body part outward to  disengage the connector. 5) Unscrew the four bolts and B-Part disengage the B-Part of the bracket body element from the product.
  • Page 6 INSTALLATION OF CO SENSOR  (Continued) 9) Attach the INSU to a place where Sensor is to be positioned. INSU 10) Position the CO Sensor onto the hole and secure in place with a bolt. It is connected to the RA duct. ...
  • Page 7 INSTALLATION OF CO SENSOR  (Continued) Instructions Applicable Models: RHF 035EE/RHF050EE/RHF080EE/RHF100EE  1) Turn off the power and Back disconnect the product from power supply. It is not necessary to disassemble  the product to replace or clean Front the fan, motor, heat exchange unit, or dust filter.
  • Page 8 INSTALLATION OF CO SENSOR  (Continued) 5) Unscrew the four bolts and remove the electric system cover. Bolt 6) Position the INSU in the hole located on the right side of the damper. INSU 7) Connect the white terminal of the cable to the CO Sensor.
  • Page 9 INSTALLATION OF CO SENSOR  (Continued) 9) Secure the cable to the two holders using cable ties. Cable Tie 10) Take out the CO Sensor cable together with other cables and reassemble the guide filter. Guide Filter 11) Take out the CO Sensor cable together with other cables through the outlet located on...
  • Page 10 INSTALLATION OF PCB OPTION Configuration of CO Sensor Switch off the K9 of SW06 in the MAIN PCB to set the CO Sensor to “Use” mode.  K9 K10 K11 K12 Checking Operation after Power-on 1) Check if LED1 flashes once every 6 seconds or so. LED1 MOS-C1_IM_E_29348-1.indd 2008-01-31...
  • Page 11 INSTALLATION OF PCB OPTION  (Continued) 2) Press the K4 switch in the MAIN PCB 5 times in succession to check CO level is displayed properly. c e d G2 b c e d a f G1 a f G1 SEG1 SEG2 SEG3...
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING LED1 does not flash when powered on Remove the cables from the main PCB and check PIN No.1-3 of CN43 for DC 12V. Is DC 12V generated? Replace the MAIN PCB. Connect the cables and check PIN No.1-3 of CON1 on the CO Sensor Connector for DC 12V.
  • Page 13 TROUBLESHOOTING  (Continued) level is not displayed on the MAIN PCB “0” is displayed on the MAIN PCB.  Check whether K9 in the MAIN PCB is switched off. Is K9 switched off? Switch off the K9 and check for display. After switching off the K9, reset the power and check whether CO level is...
  • Page 14 MEMO MOS-C1_IM_E_29348-1.indd 2008-01-31 ソタネト 3:57:18...
  • Page 15 MEMO  MOS-C1_IM_E_29348-1.indd 2008-01-31 ソタネト 3:57:18...
  • Page 16 MOS-C1_IM_E_29348-1.indd 2008-01-31 ソタネト 3:57:19...