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Vodafone direct e-mail configuration
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Vodafone Direct E-mail configuration for
HTC TyTN II (WM 2006)



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  • Page 1 Vodafone Direct E-mail configuration for HTC TyTN II (WM 2006)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

  • Page 3: Introduction

    (POP3/SPOP and IMAP4/SIMAP), e.g.,,,, etc. Introduction Introduction This document describes how to activate Vodafone Direct E-mail for an HTC TyTN II Proximus This document describes how to activate Vodafone Direct E-mail for an HTC TyTN II Proximus Collection...
  • Page 4: Downloading The Software And Activation

    Downloading the software and activation. There are 2 possible download methods 1 – Start the download using the activation text message 1.01 – When you receive the text message shown opposite, click on from the main screen. If you get a connection error please go straight to the chapter on Changing the telephone’s GPRS configuration (Page 9) 2 –...
  • Page 5: Download And Configuration

    2.02 – Press Favourites. 2.3 – Press Vodafone Direct E-mail. Download and configuration 3.01 – Choose your language, enter your telephone number and then click on Next. 5 / 18...
  • Page 6 3.02 – Press Download the software. 3.03 – press Yes. 3.04 – The software will then start downloading: Please wait. Depending on the type of network available, the download time may vary from a few seconds in 3G mode to 3 minutes in GPRS mode.
  • Page 7 3.06 – Please wait while the software is installed. 3.07 – Please wait during this activation phase. 3.08 – Then the screen shown opposite asks you to enter your 10-digit Proximus telephone no. Type it in without spaces (e.g. 0475123456) Then choose Next.
  • Page 8 1.12 –Configure the existing e-mail account which you would like to synchronise with your PDA: • Type in the full e-mail address for your e-mail account; • then the password for this e-mail address; • and choose Username. PLEASE NOTE: the Vodafone Direct E-mail service is incompatible with the HOTMAIL e-mail systems For some WebMail services (e.g.
  • Page 9: Changing The Telephone's Gprs Configuration

    your Vodafone Direct E-mail account (password, add linked e-mail accounts, etc.), • authenticate your identity if you need to download the software again to another terminal (if you change your mobile) or to the same PDA if you have to reset it (if you have to send it back for repairs, etc.) IMPORTANT: IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MOBILE (OR IF YOU HAVE TO SEND IT BACK FOR REPAIRS), ALL YOU HAVE TO...
  • Page 10 1.03 – Press the Connections tab at the bottom of the screen and then press the Connection icon. 1.04 – Press the Advanced tab at the bottom of the screen and then press the Select networks button. 1.05 – In the first list press New. 1.06 –...
  • Page 11 1.07 – Press New. 1.08 – Fill it in exactly as shown opposite and then press Next. Connection name: “Mobile Internet” 1.09 – Fill it in as shown and then press Next. Access point name: “” 1.10 – Leave all of the fields blank and press Finish. 11 / 18...
  • Page 12 1.11 – Press the Proxy settings tab at the bottom of the screen. 1.12 – Check the This network connects to the Internet box then press OK in the top right-hand corner. Comment: The This network connects to the Internet via a proxy server box needs to be unchecked.
  • Page 13: Vodafone Direct E-Mail / Htc Tytn Ii Quick Start Guide

    Vodafone Direct E-mail / HTC TyTN II quick start guide How do I know if I am actually connected to Vodafone Direct E-mail? Open the Start menu, choose Programs and then press Direct E-mail. The status is displayed at the top of the Vodafone Direct E-mail window: Connected since ...:...
  • Page 14: What Are The Additional Settings

    What are the additional settings? There are 3 elements which can be configured from the telephone. To access them, from Vodafone Direct E-mail, open the Menu. Connection schedule allows you to define the operating range for Vodafone Direct E-mail Message limit allows you to configure how many messages are kept in each mailbox [enter the maximum number] 14 / 18...
  • Page 15: How To Change Your Password Or Personal Information From Apc

    Mailboxes allows you to add/delete/edit mailboxes. So you can monitor incoming e-mails in separate mailboxes. In the same way, when sending e- mails, you can choose the appropriate e-mail account. How to change your password or Personal Information from a PC Your management URL: (changing your password)
  • Page 16: Appendix: Activating The Pop Protocol For Yahoo France And G-Mail

    Appendix: Activating the POP protocol for Yahoo France and G-mail Appendix: Activating the POP protocol for Yahoo France and G-mail Yahoo France ( Yahoo France ( Click on Options Click Forwarding and POP Access 16 / 18...
  • Page 17: Google Mail (@ Gmail . Com )

    Check Web and POP access then click on Confirm Google Mail ( Click on Settings 17 / 18...
  • Page 18 Click Forwarding and POP, Choose Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on, Then click on Save Changes. 18 / 18...