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Specifications - Panasonic CF-VZSU0WU Operating Instructions Manual


● Do not touch the terminals on the battery pack and the computer.
The battery pack may no longer function properly if the contacts
are dirty or damaged.
● Do not expose the battery pack to water, or allow it to become
● Should the battery leak and the fluid get into your eyes, do not
rub your eyes. Immediately flush your eyes with clear water and
see a doctor for medical treatment as soon as possible.
● Store the battery pack in a place with a temperature of between
10 °C to 30 °C (50 °F to 86 °F).
● When the battery pack is left installed in a computer, it
discharges electricity gradually in small amounts even if
the computer's power is off. If left for a long period (several
months or more), the battery pack will over discharge and its
performance may deteriorate.
If the battery pack will not be used for a long period of time (a
month or more), charge or discharge (use) the battery pack until
the remaining battery level becomes 30% to 40% and store it in
a cool, dry place.
● Opening the display wide may overturn the computer if an S-size
battery pack is used in a model whose internal battery for the
tablet is size L. Be careful.
To check the internal battery size, launch the PC Information
Viewer from the "Panasonic PC Settings Utility" by selecting
[Support]-[System Information]. Then check [Battery #1] [Battery
Name] under [Battery Usage].
Examples of battery size display: S-size " * - ****** S- * -",
● Read the computer's Reference Manual or the Operating
Instructions before use. For how to start up the Reference
Manual, please refer to the computer's Operating Instructions.
How to Replace and Charge the Battery Pack
The battery pack is not charged when it is first purchased. Be
sure to charge it before using for the first time. When removing,
be sure to first check that the computer is turned off. Refer to the
computer's Reference Manual or the Operating Instructions.
<To remove the battery pack>
1. Turn off the computer.
2. Flip the computer unit.
Slide the left and right
latches in the unlock
, and push
out the battery pack
in parallel with the
computer unit.
<To insert the battery pack>
1. Turn off the computer.
2. Flip the computer
unit. Align the battery
pack with the ▽ mark
and slide in the arrow
<Charge the battery pack>
Connect the AC Adaptor to the computer.
The battery charging starts automatically.
• Charging time and operating time vary according to the state of
the computer's power supply and the temperature.
• The battery pack may become warm during charging or normal
use. This is completely normal.
L-size " * - ****** S2- * -"


7.6 V
2720 mAh (typ.) / 2600 mAh (min.)
Approx. 240.0 mm × 82.8 mm × 7.8 mm
{Approx. 9.45" × 3.26" × 0.31"}
(W × D × H)
Approx. 140 g {Approx. 0.31 lb.}
7.6 V
5440 mAh (typ.) / 5200 mAh (min.)
Approx. 240.0 mm × 82.8 mm × 7.8 mm
(W × D × H)
Approx. 230 g {Approx. 0.53 lb.}
Refer to the Operating Instructions about the charging time/
operating time.
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