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Panasonic CF-VZSU09 Operating Instructions

Panasonic CF-VZSU09 Operating Instructions

Battery pack


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Printed in Japan
The battery pack is designed for supplying power to the Panasonic
CF-71 computer series. Before using the battery pack, read this
Operating Instructions and the relevant portions of the computer's
Operating Instructions and Reference Manual carefully.
Care should be exercised with regard to the following in order
to avoid the possibility of liquid leakage, overheating, or
• Do not charge, use, or leave the battery pack in a very hot
place, such as near a fire, in direct sunlight, in an automobile
on a sunny day, or in a cold place.
• Do not throw the battery pack into a fire or expose it to
excessive heat.
• Do not short the positive (+) and negative (-) contacts.
• Do not place the battery pack together with articles such as
necklaces or hairpins when carrying or storing.
• The battery pack is rechargeable and was intended for use
with the CF-71 computer series. Do not use it with a
computer other than the one for which it was designed.
• Do not insert sharp objects into the battery pack, expose it
to bumps or shocks, deform, disassemble, or modify it.
Do not expose the battery pack to shock.
The charging terminal of the battery
pack is used with the battery charger
), which is sold
for U.S.A. and Canada>
Never connect anything to the charging terminal other than
the exclusive adapter that is supplied with the battery charger.
Doing so could damage the device connected to the battery
pack, the cable, and the battery pack itself. It could also
result in overheating or bursting.
Do not touch the terminals on the battery pack. The battery
pack may no longer function properly if the contacts are dirty
or damaged.
If the battery leaks and the fluid gets into your eyes, do not
rub your eyes. Immediately flush your eyes with clear water
and see a doctor for medical treatment as soon as possible.
If the battery emits an abnormal odor, becomes hot to the
touch, becomes discolored, changes shape, or becomes in
any way different from normal, remove it from the computer
or charger and discontinue use.
Do not expose the battery pack to water, or allow it to become
The battery pack is not charged when it is first purchased. Be
sure to charge it before using it for the first time.
Battery Pack
DFQX2610ZA FJ1298-0
Charging Terminal
The operating time and charging time (power on) differ
depending on the computer model. For other than model
number listed below, refer to the Operating Instructions
accompanying the computer concerned.
Model Number
CF-71DJ Series Approx. 2.0 - 5.0 hours Approx. 6.0 hours
CF-71EY Series Approx. 2.0 - 4.5 hours Approx. 5.5 hours
: Varies depending on the usage conditions.
The computer's allowable operating temperature range is 5ºC
(41ºF) to 35ºC (95ºF). The duration of a battery's operation
will be less at any temperature outside the allowable range.
The battery pack is a consumable item. If the amount of time
the computer can be run off a particular battery pack becomes
dramatically shorter and repeated rechargings do not restore
its performance, the battery pack should be replaced with a
new one.
When a spare battery pack is to be carried in a pocket or bag,
it is recommended that it be placed in a plastic bag so that its
contacts are protected.
The battery pack may become warm during recharging or
use. This is completely normal.
Although the battery has remaining capacity, the battery
indicator may light up red or emit a beep. This indicates a
significant rise in the temperature of the battery pack. This is
typically caused by the fact that the battery pack has been
delivering a high level of power because the computer has
been used with the display at the brightest setting and with
the power-saving function off. In this condition, if the
computer is left as is, it will automatically go off after about
three minutes have elapsed. Within that period, be sure to
connect the AC adapter or shut the computer OFF after saving
any open data (if necessary).
(To protect the battery pack from increases in temperature,
the brightness of the display automatically decreases, allow-
ing the temperature of the battery to drop.)
Always power off the computer when it is not in use. Leaving
the computer on when the AC adapter is not connected will
exhaust the remaining battery capacity.
If the battery pack will not be used for a long period of time
(a month or more), charge or discharge (use) the battery pack
until the remaining battery level becomes 30% to 40% and
store it in a cool, dry place.
Mounting, Unmounting, and Charging
Refer to the Operating Instructions and Reference Manual
accompanying the computer.
The battery pack is not charged when it is first purchased.
To charge the battery pack using the optional battery charger
refer to the instruction manual of the battery charger.
(W X H X D)
Operating Time
Charging Time
<only for U.S.A. and Canada>
Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack
10.8 V
4500 mAh
Approx. 77
164 mm
6.5 in.)
Approx. 440 g (1.0 lb.)
Microprocessor-based charge/discharge
(Power On)



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