Filter Indicator; Problem Solving - Husqvarna A 600 Operator's Manual

A-line air scrubber
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Filter indicator

A 600 / A 2000 has two filter indicators connected to a warning light which measures the pressure
drop over the filter. If the pressure drop is too high, a yellow lamp light up, indicating that the pre-
filter should be changed. When the Yellow light stays on even after a pre-filter change. It is time to
Change the HEPA filter. Using the air scrubber when light is showing will reduce the effectiveness of
the machine. When the pressuredrop is too low, a red lamp will light up, indicating that the Hepa filter
is leaking/damaged and needs to be replaced immediately.
Please note that the filter indicators only does work at full speed.
Recommended intervals for filter change: Hepa filter every 12 month or when needed, and pre-filter
when needed.
The air scrubber is equipped with a single, 1 phase fan.
Risk of dust dispersion - Use of personal safety equipment
Unhealthy dust can be spread when cleaning the coarse filter and during filter change.
Accordingly, the user should wear protective glasses, protective gloves, and a breathing mask
conforming to protection class FFP2.


The A 600 / A 2000 is designed and manufactured for severe environments and tasks, but the user
must note that the machine components must be protected from knocks and blows. Filter and sealing
connections are carefully chosen to serve the operator. Therefore, the machine must be handled with
care if it is to work correctly for many years.
The fan does not start
The fan stops immediately
The fan runs,
but suction is poor
Dust blows from unit
Abnormal noise
No power
Cable defective
Switch defective
Wrong fuse
Blocked filter
Cover loose
Sealing defect
Defective or loose filter
Keep these instructions!
Connect the machine
Connect the correct fuse
Change filter
Change current seal
Adjust or change
Order service


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