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GE GTDP520EDWW Owner's Manual page 7

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About the control panel
Individual settings for dryness level (Level), temperature (Temp), and Timed Dry cycle minutes (Time) can be set from
the minimum (lowest in column) to maximum (highest in column). In general, the higher up the column, the more
energy will be used.
-Selection only used for
Dryness Level
Extra Dry
More Dry
Less Dry
Extra Low
No Heat
My Settings
(on some models)
As the cycle selector knob is turned, the Level (Dryness Level), Temp (Temperature) and Time (Timed Dry) settings change to
automatic pre-set default settings. If you desire a different setting, press the appropriate pad(s). Then press and hold the My
Settings pad for 3 seconds and the dryer will "remember" these settings for that Knob Selection. In the future, when you turn
the selector knob to that cycle, your settings will be automatically recalled. NOTE: Signal volume cannot be set for My Settings.
Press to "wake up" the display. If the display is active, press to put the dryer into idle mode.
NOTE: Pressing Power does not disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
Press Start to begin the cycle. NOTE: The door must be closed for the dryer to start the cycle. Pressing Start again will Pause
the cycle and the cycle Indicator Light will blink.
To continue the cycle, press Start again. To stop the cycle, hold the pad for 3 seconds.
(on some models)
When the eDry pad is pressed, cycle settings change to reduce the total energy consumption of the selected sensor cycle.
NOTE: Cycle times will change when eDry is selected.
(on some models)
The display shows the approximate time remaining until the end of the cycle.
In addition, this display will, "scroll" the dryer status:
The message "PAUSE" will scroll across the display when the dryer's cycle is paused. The cycle may be
re-started by pressing the Start pad.
• door
The message "door" will be displayed when the door is opened during the dryer's cycle.
The eMonitor lights display the relative energy use of your selected cycle and options. They are provided as an energy guide
and range from Good (1 light) to Better (5 lights). Cycle (time), dryness level, temperature, and additional tumble options can
increase or decrease your energy efficiency. Some special cycles will not provide a display.
Indicator lights
Five LED lights indicate the current dryer status moving from left to right as the cycle progresses.
Demand Side Management (on some models) - When connected to your power company's rate monitoring system, the
dryer will automatically delay starting if the rates are high/critical. An "ES" will be displayed and the selected cycle will
start after 4 hours or when the rates drop to low/medium, whichever comes first. If the rates are not high/critical, the
selected cycle will start immediately.
Sensor cycles. Timed cycles run for the selected time.
Use for heavy-duty fabrics or items that should be very dry, such as towels.
Use for heavy-duty or mixed type fabrics.
Use for a normal dryness level suitable for most loads. This is the preferred cycle for energy savings.
Use for lighter fabrics.
For leaving items partially damp.
For regular to heavy cottons.
NOTE: Steam Dewrinkle and Steam Refresh require the High temperature setting.
For synthetics, blends, delicates and items labeled permanent press.
For delicates, synthetics and items labeled tumble dry low.
For delicates, synthetics and items labeled tumble dry low.
For fluffing items without heat. For use only with the Timed Dry cycles.




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