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GE GTDP520EDWW Owner's Manual page 14

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Before you call for service...
Small amount of water
on floor in front of dryer
Water on floor in back
of dryer
Water drips from door
when opened after
a Steam Cycle
Cannot see steam at
beginning of cycle
Cannot see steam at any
time during the cycle
Garments still wrinkled
after steam cycle
Dryer continues to
tumble after display
says complete
Garments are wet after
Steam cycle
No numbers displayed
during cycle, only lights
Time Remaining
jumped to a
lower number
Dryer is running but
00 is displayed in
Time Remaining
Clothes are still wet
and dryer shuts off
after a short time
Possible Causes
Inadequate load size for steam
cycle selected, excess steam
condenses inside cabinet and
leaks out
Loose water hose connection to
Hose missing rubber washer at
connection with valve
Steam condenses on inner door
Steam released at different
time in cycle
The steam nozzle might be
clogged with debris from your
water supply
Too many garments
Extended/Dewrinkle Tumble
was selected
Lint filter not clean
Load is children/infant garments • Use the Steam Refresh cycle.
Dryer is continuously
monitoring the amount of
moisture in the clothes
The estimated time may change • This is normal.
when a smaller load than usual
is drying
The Extended/Dewrinkle
Tumble option was chosen
The door was opened mid-cycle.
The load was then removed from
the dryer and a new load put in
without selecting a new cycle
Small load
Load was already dry except
for collars and waistbands
Dryer is not level
What To Do
• If using the Steam Dewrinkle cycle, manually reduce
time. If using the Steam Refresh cycle, add more
garments to the load.
• Tighten connection.
• Install rubber washer provided with hose.
• This is normal.
• This is normal.
• Call 800.GE.CARES to order nozzle replacement kit
WE25M71 or to request a service technician to replace this
for you.
• Load fewer garments; manually increase time.
• Ensure Extended/Dewrinkle Tumble option is not selected.
For the Steam Refresh cycle, Extended/Dewrinkle Tumble
will automatically be turned on and cannot be turned off.
• Clean lint filter
• This is normal. When the dryer senses a low level of
moisture in the load, the dryer will display the dry time
• This is normal. During Extended/Dewrinkle Tumble, the
time remaining is not displayed. The extended tumbling
option lasts approximately 60 minutes; dewrinkle 30 minutes.
• A dry cycle must be re-selected each time a new load
is put in.
• When drying 3 items or less, choose Speed Dry or
Timed Dry.
• Choose Speed Dry or Timed Dry to dry damp collars
and waistbands. In the future, when drying a load with
collars and waistbands, choose More Dry.
• Move dryer to an even floor space or adjust leveling legs
as necessary until even.




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