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Care And Cleaning - Whirlpool GC2000 Use And Care Manual

Food waste disposers
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A food waste disposer uses a negligible amount of energy. Total energy require-
ments associated with operating a food waste disposer will be minimized by fol-
lowing the recommendations
in this Use and Care Guide.
The unique design of the grinding elements of the disposer create a whirling water
action which keeps the grinding chamber always clean and free of odors.
After some use a brown discoloration
may appear on the face of the grinding disc.
This is normal. It is a surface discoloration
only and will not affect the life or per-
formance of the disposer.
Do not "store" food waste in the disposer between grindings. This can lead to
odors, a clogged drain or a jam.
Use COLD water only when operating the disposer. Cold water hardens greasy
substances, making it easy to grind them into tiny particles. Cold water also keeps
grease from sticking to the drain lines.
Odors coming from your disposer are usually from food waste left inside the dis-
poser as a result of insufficient water to flush the disposer. To clean, the following
procedure should be used:
Turn wall switch to OFF position. Place cover in the SEAL position and fill sink half
way with lukewarm water. Add one cup baking soda and mix to form a solution.
Turn on the disposer; remove cover from sink. This will flood the inside of the
disposer to wash away particles loosened in the cleaning operation. The baking
soda will freshen the inside of the disposer.
NOTE: NEVER use chemical
or solvent
drain compounds
in the disposer.
Your WHIRLPOOL@ disposer is permanently
lubricated and will never need addi-
tional lubrication

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