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Adjusting The Shelf Glide; Adjusting The Refrigerator Shelves; Using The Egg Bin - Whirlpool ET18HT Use And Care Manual

Whirlpool no-frost refrigerator-freezer use and care guide
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the shelf glide
Use the shelf glide to secure odd-shaped
items or to separate other items.
To adjust the shelf glide:
Grasp glide.
2. Slide glide along track.
The shelf glide cannot be removed.
the refrigerator
Adjust the shelves to match the way you use
your refrigerator. Glass shelves are strong
enough to hold bottles, milk and other heavy
food items.
To remove glass shelves:
Remove items from shelf.
2. Tilt shelf up at front.
3. Lift back of shelf.
4. Pull shelf straight out.
To replace glass shelves:
Guide the rear shelf hooks into the slots
in the shelf supports on cabinet wall.
2. Tilt shelf up at front until hooks drop into
slots. Lower front of shelf to level position.
Glass shelves
heavy. Be careful.
the egg bin
The egg bin has two pieces -the
lid and the
bin. Use the egg bin to hold one, two or
three dozen eggs.
To hold one dozen eggs:
Place a dozen eggs (in or out of carton) in
the bin and cover with the lid.
To hold two dozen eggs:
Place two dozen eggs loose in the bin and
cover with the lid.
To hold three dozen eggs:
Place two dozen eggs loose in the bin.
Invert the lid and place it on the bin. Put a
dozen eggs, in their carton, on top of the lid.

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