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Removing Tableware; Basic Operation; Opening Appliance Door; Switching On The Appliance - Bosch SPS2IKW04G User Manual

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en Basic operation
To save resources, do not pre-
rinse tableware under running wa-
Observe the following when arran-
ging tableware:
– Put heavily soiled tableware in
the bottom basket, e.g. pans.
The more powerful the spray jet,
the better the dishwashing result
will be.
– To prevent damage to table-
ware, arrange it so it is stable
and cannot tip over.
– To prevent injury, arrange cut-
lery with the points and sharp
edges downwards.
– Position containers with the
openings facing down so no wa-
ter can collect in them.
– Do not block the spray arms -
make sure that they can turn
– Do not place small parts in the
tablet collecting tray and do not
block it with tableware so as not
to obstruct the lid of the deter-
gent dispenser.

Removing tableware

Risk of injury!
Hot tableware can cause burns to the
skin. When hot, tableware is sensitive
to shock, may crack and can result in
When the programme has ended,
do not empty the appliance until
the tableware has cooled down for
a while.
To prevent water dripping on the
tableware, unload it starting at the
bottom and working up.
Check the washing tank and ac-
cessories for soiling and clean if
→ "Cleaning and servicing",
Page 37

Basic operation

Basic operation
You can find out everything you need
to know about operating your appli-
ance here.

Opening appliance door

Open the appliance door.

Switching on the appliance

⁠ .
The Eco 50° programme is set by
The Eco 50° programme is an es-
pecially environmentally friendly
programme and ideal for normally
soiled tableware. It is the most effi-
cient programme for the combina-
tion of energy/water consumption
for this type of tableware and evid-
ences conformity with the EU Eco-
design Directive.



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