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LG Multi V IV PRHR041 Installation Manual

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Please read this installation manual completely before installing the product.
Installation work must be performed in accordance with the national wiring
standards by authorized personnel only.
Please retain this installation manual for future reference after reading it
Original instruction
[Representative] LG Electronics Inc. EU Representative : LG Electronics European Shared Service Center B.V.
Krijgsman 1, 1186 DM Amstelveen, The Netherlands
[Manufacturer] LG Electronics Inc. Changwon 2nd factory 84, Wanam-ro, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si,
Gyeongsangnam-do, KOREA
For more information, Refer to the CD or LG Web site (
P/NO : MFL67221416



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  • Page 1 Please retain this installation manual for future reference after reading it thoroughly. Original instruction [Representative] LG Electronics Inc. EU Representative : LG Electronics European Shared Service Center B.V. Krijgsman 1, 1186 DM Amstelveen, The Netherlands [Manufacturer] LG Electronics Inc. Changwon 2nd factory 84, Wanam-ro, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, KOREA For more information, Refer to the CD or LG Web site (
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    WARNING TIPS FOR SAVING ENERGY • Installation or repairs made by unqualified Here are some tips that will help you minimize the power consumption persons can result in hazards to you and oth- when you use the air conditioner. You can use your air conditioner more efficiently by referring to the instructions below: ers.
  • Page 3 Operation - Improper installation may cause the unit to topple and result in injury. • Do not damage or use an unspecified power cord. • Do not install the product on a defective in- - There is risk of fire, electric shock, explo- stallation stand.
  • Page 4 • Use power cables of sufficient current carry- product failure, or personal injury. ing capacity and rating. • Install and insulate the drain hose to ensure - Cables that are too small may leak, gener- that water is drained away properly based ate heat, and cause a fire.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS be done in case of changing the indoor unit PCB. TIPS FOR SAVING ENERGY • Use a firm stool or ladder when cleaning or IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS maintaining the air conditioner. INSTALLATION PROCESS - Be careful and avoid personal injury. OUTDOOR UNITS INFORMATION •...
  • Page 6: Installation Process

    INSTALLATION PROCESS ALTERNATIVE REFRIGERANT R410A The refrigerant R410A has the property of higher operating pressure in Indicate clearly who will be responsible for switch setting. Determination of division work comparison with R22. Therefore, all materials have the characteristics of higher resisting Make connection clearly between outdoor, indoor, Preparation of contract drawings pressure than R22 ones and this characteristic should be also consid-...
  • Page 7 Select installation location of the HR unit suitable for following condi- (Unit: mm) tions - Avoid a place where rain may enter since the HR unit is for indoor. Description Part Name - Sufficient service space must be obtained. PRHR041/031 PRHR021 - Refrigerant pipe must not exceed limited length.
  • Page 8: Installation Space

    INSTALLATION SPACE • Install the outdoor unit at the higher installation console by 50cm than the average snowfall (annual average snowfall) if it is installed at the area with much snowfall. Individual Installation • Where snow accumulated on the upper part of the Outdoor Unit by more than 10cm, always remove snow for operation.
  • Page 9: Installation

    Ⓐ The corner part must be fixed firmly. Otherwise, the support for the INSTALLATION installation may be bent. Ⓑ Get and use M10 Anchor bolt. • Install at places where it can endure the weight and vibration/noise Ⓒ Put Cushion Pad between the outdoor unit and ground support for of the outdoor unit.
  • Page 10 Burrs removal Opening shutoff valve - Completely remove all burrs from the cut cross section of pipe/tube. - Put the end of the copper tube/pipe to downward direction as you re- Remove the cap and turn the valve counter clockwise with the move burrs in order to avoid to let burrs drop in the tubing.
  • Page 11: Plumbing Materials And Storage Methods

    Plumbing materials and storage methods CAUTION Pipe must be able to obtain the specified thickness and should be • Always use the nitrogen.(not use oxygen, carbon dioxide, and a used with low impurities. Chevron gas): Please use the following nitrogen pressure Also when handling storage, pipe must be careful to prevent a frac- 0.02MPa Oxygen - Promotes oxidative degradation of refrigerant ture, deformity and wound.
  • Page 12: Connection Of Outdoor Units

    Connection of Outdoor units Installation of Outdoor Unit, HR Unit, Indoor Unit Refrigerant Pipe 2, 3, 4 Outdoor Units 3 pipes are connected to the HR unit from the outdoor unit, classified Outdoor units Model Low Pressure Gas Pipe Liquid Pipe High Pressure Gas Pipe into liquid pipe, low pressure gas pipe and high pressure gas pipe de- pending on status of refrigerant passing through the pipe.
  • Page 13: Installation Of Zoning Control

    [Reducers for indoor unit and HR unit] (Unit : mm) Liquid pipe Gas pipe Models Liquid pipe Low pressure gas pipe High pressure Low pressure High pressure gas pipe Indoor unit – reducer OD9.52(3/8) Ø6.35(1/4) Gas pipe Ø15.88 (5/8) Remove caps on OD15.88(5/8) Ø12.7(1/2) Liquid pipe Ø9.52 (3/8)
  • Page 14: Caution

    Preparation Work - Use Knock Outs of Base Pan of the outdoor unit for Left/Right or Bottom pipe drawing outs. The Multi V will stop due to an abnormality like excessive or insuffi- cient refrigerant. At such a time, always properly charge the unit. When servicing, always check the notes concerning both the piping length and the amount of additional refrigerant.
  • Page 15: Refrigerant Piping System

    Method of drawing out pipes on the bottom side Length of pipe from each indoor unit to the HR Unit (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,i,j,k,l,m,n) ≤ 40 m - Drawing out common pipe through side panel [Length of pipe from outdoor unit to the farthest indoor unit D12 (A+B+C+D+e)] Low Pressure Gas pipe - [Length of pipe outdoor unit to the closest indoor unit D1(C1+a)] ≤...
  • Page 16 Refrigerant pipe diameter from outdoor unit to first Pattern 2 branch. (A) Upward outdoor Pipe diameter when pipe length is Pipe diameter unit total 90m over to 1st branch capacity Low pres- High pres- Low pres- High pres- Liquid sure gas sure gas Liquid sure gas...
  • Page 17 Pattern 7 Outdoor unit Connection WARNING • In case of pipe diameter B connected after first branch is bigger than the main pipe diameter A, B should be of the same size with A. Ex) In case indoor unit combination ratio 120% is connected to 70kW outdoor unit.
  • Page 18 Pipe Connection Method/Precautions for (Example 1) Series connections between Outdoor units - Separate Y branch joints are needed for series connections between outdoor units. - Please refer to the below connection examples to install pipe connec- Toward indoor unit Toward indoor unit tions between outdoor units.
  • Page 19: Refrigerant Charging

    WARNING (Example 3) • Regulation for refrigerant leakage : the amount of refrigerant leakage should satisfy the following equation for human safety. Total amount of refrigerant in the system ≤0.44 (kg / m Oil Trap Volume of the room at which Indoor Unit of the least capacity is installed If the above equation can not be satisfied, then follow the follow- Toward indoor unit...
  • Page 20: Branch Pipe Fitting

    Branch pipe Fitting • Header should be insulated with the insulator in each kit. Y branch Insulate the header using Ⓐ To Branch Piping or Indoor Unit the insulation material attached to the branch pipe kit Ⓑ To Outdoor Unit as shown in the figure.
  • Page 21: Leak Test And Vacuum Drying

    WARNING Header [unit:mm] Use a vacuum pump or Inert(nitrogen) gas when doing leakage test or air purge. Do not compress air or Oxygen and do not use Flamma- Models Gas pipe Liquid pipe ble gases. Otherwise, it may cause fire or explosion. - There is the risk of death, injury, fire or explosion.
  • Page 22: Vacuum Mode

    Thermal insulation of refrigerant piping WARNING Use a vacuum pump or Inert(nitrogen) gas when doing leakage test Be sure to give insulation work to refrigerant piping by covering liquid or air purge. Do not compress air or Oxygen and do not use Flamma- pipe and gas pipe separately with enough thickness heat-resistant poly- ble gases.
  • Page 23: Electrical Wiring

    Penetrations Outdoor Unit Inner wall (concealed) Outer wall Outer wall (exposed) Indoor Indoor Unit Unit Remote Remote control control Outdoor Unit Floor (fireproofing) Penetrating portion on fire Roof pipe shaft Indoor Indoor limit and boundary wall Unit Unit Remote Remote control control 2-Core Shield Cable...
  • Page 24: Control Box And Connecting Position Of Wiring

    CAUTION WARNING The temperature sensor for outdoor air should not be exposed to • Use the 2-core shield cables for communication cables. Never use direct sunlight. them together with power cables. - Provide an appropriate cover to intercept direct sunlight. •...
  • Page 25: Wiring Of Main Power Supply And Equipment Capacity

    Point for attention regarding quality of the NOTE public electric power supply • The figures are based on assumed length of parallel cabling up to 100m. For length in excess of 100m the figures will have to This equipment complies with respectively: be recalculated in direct proportion to the additional length of - EN/IEC 61000-3-11 (1) provided that the system impedance Zsys is cable involved.
  • Page 26: Field Wiring

    Field Wiring WARNING When the total capacity is over than as follow, the power source Single outdoor unit do not use in series between the units. The First terminal block could be burnt out. (Heat Pump : 62 Hp) Voltage range(V) Outdoor Frequency Power supply...
  • Page 27: Checking The Setting Of Outdoor Units

    Example) Connection of transmission wire Front Side 1 Front Side 2 [BUS type] [STAR type] - Connection of communication - Abnormal operation can be cable must be installed like caused by communication de- below figure between indoor fect, when connection of com- Main power Main power terminal block...
  • Page 28: Hr Unit Pcb

    HR Unit PCB Selection of the model of the HR unit #4 valve housing #1 valve housing (For 2 branches) (For 3 branches) (For 4 branches) #1 cooling valve PRHR021 PRHR031 PRHR041 LED(green) #1 heating valve Initial LED(red) 7-SEG Setting 1 branches SW05M (Switch for...
  • Page 29: Automatic Addressing

    Automatic Addressing Y branch pipe [Unit:mm] Models Gas Pipe Liquid pipe The address of indoor units would be set by Automatic I.D22.2 Addressing I.D25.4 I.D19.05 I.D15.88 I.D19.05 I.D12.7 I.D12.7 I.D9.52 I.D19.05 I.D15.88 I.D12.7 - Wait for 3 minutes after supplying power. I.D12.7 ARBLB03321 I.D12.7...
  • Page 30: The Procedure Of Automatic Addressing

    The Procedure of Automatic Addressing WARNING • Execute auto addressing and auto pipe detection again whenever Power On the indoor PCB and HR unit PCB is replaced. - Operation error occurs unless power is applied to the indoor and Waiting 3 minutes HR units.
  • Page 31: Flow Chart Of Manual Addressing For Pipe Detection

    Flow chart of manual addressing for pipe de- Example of manual valve addressing (Zoning tection setting) (In case that an indoor unit of central control address "11" is connected Execute in case of Auto pipe detection to a valve #1 of an HR unit) failure Wait for about 5 minutes.
  • Page 32: Example Of Checking Valve Address

    Example of checking valve address Setting the function Select the mode/function/option/value using ‘▶’, ‘◀’ Button and con- (In case that an indoor unit of central control address "11" is connected firm that using the ‘●’ button after dip switch No.5 is turned on. to a valve #1 of an HR unit) DIP-SW01 7 - Segment Display and setup...
  • Page 33: Static Pressure Compensation Mode

    Night Low Noise Function Group recognizing the central controller No.0 group (00~0F) In cooling mode, this function makes the ODU fan operate at low RPM No.1 group (10~1F) to reduce the fan noise of ODU at night which has low cooling load. No.2 group (20~2F) No.3 group (30~3F) Night low noise function setting method...
  • Page 34: Setting The Odu Address

    Setting the ODU address CAUTION Mode setting method • Ask an authorized technician to setting a function. Master unit PCB DIP switch on : No.5 Select the mode using ‘▶’, ‘◀’ Button : Target pressure adjusting “Func” Push the ‘●’ button Mode setting method Select the Function using ‘▶’, ‘◀’...
  • Page 35: Self-Diagnosis Function

    Self-Diagnosis Function Error Indicator - This function indicates types of failure in self-diagnosis and occurrence of failure for air condition. - Error mark is displayed on display window of indoor units and wired remote controller, and 7-segment LED of outdoor unit control board as shown in the table.
  • Page 36 Display Title Cause of Error Low Pressure of Master Outdoor Unit Low Pressure of Master Outdoor Unit Master Outdoor Unit Low Compression Ratio Lim- Master Outdoor Unit Low Compression Ratio Limited ited Master Outdoor Unit Inverter Compressor CT Sen- Master Outdoor Unit Inverter Compressor CT Sensor open or sor Fault short Master Outdoor Unit Inverter Compressor1 Dis-...
  • Page 37: Caution For Refrigerant Leak

    Communication Error Between Master Outdoor Failing to receive Slave Unit signal at main PCB of Master Out- Unit and Other Outdoor Unit door Unit Master Outdoor Unit Fan PCB Communication Failing to receive fan signal at main PCB of Master unit. Error Master Outdoor Unit FAN IPM Fault Error Instant Over Current at Master Outdoor Unit Fan IPM...
  • Page 38: Installation Guide At The Seaside

    INSTALLATION GUIDE AT THE - With partition and without opening which serve as passage of air to adjoining room SEASIDE Outdoor unit CAUTION • Air conditioners should not be installed in areas where Indoor unit corrosive gases, such as acid or alkaline gas, are produced. Smallest •...
  • Page 39: Model Designation

    Model Designation Product information • Product Name : Air conditioner • Model Name : Product Sales Name Model Factory Name ARUx***LTy4 series = N, B (Heat pump), V (Cooling only) = S (Basic function), E (Additional function related to performance) *** = Numeric;...