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Status Lights; Cycles - Whirlpool W10057250 Use And Care Manual

Duet sport series electronic electric dryer
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Status Lights

You may follow the progress of your dryer with the drying Status
indicator lights.
When a cycle is first turned on, the SENSING light illuminates
until a wet item is detected.
In an Auto Cycle, if a wet item has not been detected within
5 minutes, the Sensing light will turn off.
In a Manual Cycle, if a wet item is not detected within
5 minutes, the Sensing light will turn off and the Damp light
will turn on.
The WET light will turn on when a wet item has been detected in
the dryer. The Wet light will remain on until:
The damp dry point is reached in an Auto or Manual Cycle.
The DAMP light indicates that the load has reached the damp dry
Cool Down
The COOL DOWN light illuminates during the cool down part of
the cycle. Laundry is cooling down for ease in handling.
Cycle Complete
This light illuminates when a drying cycle is finished. If the
WRINKLE SHIELD™ feature has been selected, the WRINKLE
SHIELD™ feature indicator light will also be illuminated.
The Cycle Complete light turns off 1 hour after the end of a drying
cycle (including the WRINKLE SHIELD™ cycle of 90 minutes),
when Pause/Cancel is pressed, or when the door is opened.
The WRINKLE SHIELD™ feature light illuminates when this
option is selected. This indicator stays on with the Cycle
Complete light.
Indicator lights
Other indicator lights on the control panel show when Cycle,
Temp Adjust, and End of Cycle settings are selected.
Select the drying cycle that matches the type of load you are
drying. See Auto Preset or Manual Preset Cycle Settings charts.
Cycle control knob
Auto Cycles allow you to match the cycle to the load you are
drying. See the following Auto Preset Cycle Settings chart. Each
cycle dries certain fabrics at the recommended temperature. A
sensor detects the moisture in the load and automatically adjusts
the drying time for optimal drying.
Heavy Duty
Use this cycle to get High heat for heavyweight mixed loads,
cotton towels or jeans.
Use this cycle to get Medium heat for drying mixed loads and
sturdy fabrics such as work clothes.
Use this cycle to get Low heat for drying no-iron fabrics such as
sport shirts, casual business clothes and permanent press
Use this cycle to get Low heat for drying synthetic fabrics,
washable knit fabrics and no-iron finishes.
Super Delicate
Use this cycle to get Extra Low heat to gently dry items such as
lingerie, exercise wear or sheer curtains.
Damp Dry
Use this cycle to dry items to a damp level using Low heat, or to
dry items that do not require an entire drying cycle. Damp dry
items such as jeans (to avoid stiffness) or cotton clothing (to
make ironing easier). The temperature setting on this cycle
cannot be adjusted. Items will have different levels of dampness.
At the end of this cycle, clothes will be damp.





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