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Motorola H500 Features And Functions Manual page 2

Bluetooth neckloop


4. Test and Use
Your phone and headset are now paired and ready to make and receive
calls after wear it in your neck. Make a call to test:
A. Wear the neckloop as right side photo showing.
B. Load battery and put earpiece in ear canal.
C. On your phone, dial the number you want to call.
D. If your phone and headset are successfully paired
you will hear voice after connected with the dialed number.
After you have successfully paired your phone and bluetooth,
you need not to repeat these initial steps each time you use bluetooth.
My phone does not find my bluetooth.
Make sure the blue light on your headset is steadily lit when your phone is searching for devices (see step 3)
My bluetooth worked before but now it's not working.
Make sure your phone is on and bluetooth feature is turned on (see step 2).
If you have confirm bluetooth feature is on in your phone, pair your phone and bluetooth again (see step 3)
Turn On and Off
To turn your bluetooth on, press and hold the call button until the indicator light flashes. Then release button.
To turn your bluetooth off, press and hold the call button until the indicator light flashes rapidly and then turns off.
Note: To conserve battery power, turn off your bluetooth when you don't lan to use it for a while.
Making Calls
Make a voice dial call
End a call
Receive a call
Reject a call
Redial last call
Answer a second incoming call
Toggle etween two active calls
Join a 3-way call
(Feature is phone/network dependent)
Put an active call on hold or resume a call on hold Press and hole the call button until you hear a beep
Transfer a call from the phone to bluetooth
Disable or enable the indicator light
Mute or unmute a call
Indicator Lights
(With charger plugged in)
On (steady)
(Without charger plugged in)
On (steady)
10 rapid flashes
Slow pluse
Quick flash
Note: After 5 minutes of inactivity, the light stops
flashing to conserve power, but the bluetooth
remains in standby mode.
Charging complete
Power off
Pairing mode
Pairing successful
Tap the call button and speak the name after the tone
Tap the call button
Tap the call button
Press and hole the call button until you hear a beep
Press and hole the call button until you hear a beep
Press and hold the call button (places first call on hold)
Press and hold the call button
Press and hold both volume buttons
Tap the call button
Press and hold both Volume buttons for 3~4 seconds
Tap both volume buttons
Audio Tones
Audio Tone
Single high tone when Volume at minimum
pressing volume button or maximum
Five rapid high tones
repeated every 60 sec
Ring tone
Single high tone
Single low tone
Dual high/low tone
Single high tone
Low to hight tone
Two ascednding tones Mute enabled
Two descending tones Mute enabled
Low battery
Incoming call
Pairing confirmation
Voice activation
Voice tag not
End call
Phone network not