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Beko HPP-432 Instructions For Use


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Instruction for use



Summary of Contents for Beko HPP-432

  • Page 1 HPP-432 Instruction for use...
  • Page 2 Voltage Feed: Via coaxial cable or via a separate shielded cable. The HPP-432 has been designed t o interface directly to the BEKO linear amplifier series. Your BEKO linear amplifier will provide the proper sequencing of your preamplifier if connected as outlined later.
  • Page 3 HLV-550, -770, -1100 and -1470 Instructions: These HLVs can provide the necessary voltage to power the HPP-432 via the coax cable. In order to do so, you must wire PIN 4 to Pin 2 located in the DIN control plug. To avoid a DC voltage drop caused by resistance of the antenna cable used, select an appropriate cable size especially at distances >100 ft.
  • Page 4 The same rules that apply to multimode transceivers do not in most cases apply to the use of the BEKO HPP-432 ultra low noise preamplifier when used with an external transverter. The following procedure is followed. The HF radio’s PTT can be used to key the BEKO linear amplifier.

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