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Mitsubishi Electric ecodan EHPT20Q-VM2EA Installation Manual

Cylinder unit
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For safe and correct use, read this Manual and the outdoor unit installation manual thoroughly
before installing the cylinder unit.
This Installation Manual should be kept safe with the unit or in an accessible place for future
Cylinder unit "EHPT20Q-VM2EA" is compatible only with the outdoor unit (Model name :


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  • Page 1 CYLINDER UNIT EHPT20Q-VM2EA INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR  INSTALLER For safe and correct use, read this Manual and the outdoor unit installation manual thoroughly before installing the cylinder unit. This Installation Manual should be kept safe with the unit or in an accessible place for future reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    SD memory card Hose (rubber) Only use accessories and replacement parts authorised by Mitsubishi Electric. These should only be fitted by a qualified technician. Electrical All electrical work should be performed by a qualified technician according to local regulations and the instructions given in this manual.
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Product specification The target readers of this manual are competent plumbers and/or refrigeration engineers who have attended and passed the requisite Mitsubishi Electric product training and have appropriate qualifications for installation of an unvented hot water cylinder unit specific to their country.
  • Page 4: Technical Information

    — 513.1 ④ 503.1 <Note> Isolating valve (Local supply) — Make sure to correctly install the Mitsubishi Electric Accessory 568.1 Magnetic filter (Local supply) (Recommended) — 533.1 ⑤ ⑥ ① ② ③ Parts (e.g. Primary expansion vessel, Tundish and Filling loop) Strainer (Local supply) —...
  • Page 5 Technical Information Technical Information Water circuit diagram Local system *1 Refer to the following section [Local system]. 1-zone temperature control 1-zone temperature control (2-zone valve ON/OFF control) Zone1 Zone1 Locally su Water Outlet DHW Zone2 rain rain nlet 1. Heat emitters (e.g. radiator, fan coil unit) (local supply) 2.
  • Page 6: Installation

    Installation Installation <Preparation before the installation and service> 4.2 Water Quality and System Preparation General Minimum amount of water required  in the space heating circuit should be clean and with pH 32 L electrical parts. should be included. <Precautions during service> electrical parts with wet hands.
  • Page 7: Water Pipework

    Installation Installation 4.3 Water Pipework Flow rate setting Circulation flow rate of EHPT20Q-VM2EA unit is determined by settings of “Flow Hot Water Pipework Filling the System (Primary Circuit) Outdoor unit Water flow rate range [L/min] rate setting” and “pump speed”. QUHZ-W40VA 3.0 - 8.0 Note: Make sure to turn OFF the booster heater power supply before filling the...
  • Page 8: Safety Device Discharge Arrangements (G3)

    Installation Installation i. Ideally below a fixed grating and above the water seal in a trapped gully. 4.4 Safety Device Discharge Arrangements (G3) 4.5 Electrical Connection CAUTION ii. Downward discharges at low level; i.e. up to 100 mm above external The following instructions are a requirement of UK Building Regulations surfaces such as car parks, hard standings, grassed areas etc.
  • Page 9: System Set Up

    System Set Up Installation 5.1 DIP Switch Functions OFF ON Outdoor unit powered via cylinder unit <1 phase> Cylinder unit Located on the FTC printed circuit board are 4 sets of small white switches known as DIP switches. The DIP switch number is printed on the circuit board Tightening torque next to the relevant switches.
  • Page 10: Connecting Inputs/Outputs

    System Set Up System Set Up 5.2 Connecting inputs/outputs Outputs Name Terminal block Connector Item Signal/Max current Max. total current When the wires are wired to adjacent terminals use ring terminals and insulate the wires. OUT3 TBO.1.1-2 — 2-way valve 2b output *1 230V AC 0.1A Max.
  • Page 11: 2-Zone Valve On/Off Control

    3. 2-way valve 2a (for Zone1) / 2-way valve 2b (for Zone2) Electrically wire 2-way valve 2a and 2b to the appropriate external output terminals. (Refer to "External outputs" in 5.2) Control option A This option features the main controller and the Mitsubishi Electric wireless remote Wireless receiver Wireless remote controller 4.
  • Page 12: Using Sd Memory Card

    (9) FTC supports FAT file system but not NTFS file system. operation modes between DHW and Heating opera- (10) Mitsubishi Electric is not liable for any damages, in whole or in part, including tions are disabled in the Option screen.(*2) failure of writing to an SD memory card, and corruption and loss of the saved SD memory card is inserted.
  • Page 13 System Set Up System Set Up Setting the Main Controller <Main Controller Menu Tree> Unrestricted access Initial Installer only After the power has been connected to the outdoor and cylinder units (See chapter 4.5) the initial system settings can be entered via the main controller. Main screen Long press Information...
  • Page 14 System Set Up System Set Up <Main Controller Menu Tree> Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Unrestricted access Installer only Initial Main screen Long press Heating Menu Short Press Main Schedule timer menu Main menu Manual operation Long Press Function settings Service Thermistor adjustment Password protected...
  • Page 15 System Set Up System Set Up <Operation settings> Service Menu Heating operation The service menu provides functions for use by installer or service engineer. It is NOT intended the home owner alters settings within this menu. It is for this reason This function allows operational setting of flow temperature range from the Ecodan and also the time interval at which the FTC collects and processes data for the auto password protection is required to prevent unauthorised access to the service settings.
  • Page 16: Commissioning

    System Set Up Commissioning <Energy monitor settings> In this menu, all parameters required to record the consumed electrical energy and the delivered heat energy which is displayed on the main controller can be set.The Initial fill and flush procedure: parameters are an electric booster heater capacity, supply power of water pumps Ensure all pipe joints and fittings are tight and secure.
  • Page 17: Service And Maintenance

    Should the valve continue to drip contact It is essential that the cylinder unit is serviced at least once a year by a qualified individual. Any spare parts required should be purchased from Mitsubishi Electric.
  • Page 18 Active/Non active/Set time — Option Forced DHW operation On/Off — On/Off/Timer Heating On/Off/Timer MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, EHPT20Q-VM2EA, QUHZ-W40VA Energy monitor Consumed electric energy/Produced energy — Setting Hot water (DHW) DHW supply max. temp. 40°C - 70°C 55°C DHW supply temp. drop 15°C - 30°C...

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