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Yard-Man 13B-325-401 Operator's Manual

320 series riding mower internal bagging system.
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Operator's Manual
Riding Mower
Internal Bagging System
IMPORTANT: Read safety rules and instructions carefully before operating equipment.
This unit is equipped with an internal combustion engine and should not be used on or near any unimproved forest-
covered, brush-covered or grass-covered land unless the engine's exhaust system is equipped with a spark arrester meeting
applicable local or state laws (if any). If a spark arrester is used, it should be maintained in effective working order by the operator.
In the State of California the above is required by law (Section 4442 of the California Public Resources Code). Other states may have
similar laws. Federal laws apply on federal lands. A spark arrester for the muffler is available through your nearest engine authorized
service dealer or contact the service department, P.O. Box 368022 Cleveland, Ohio 44136-9722.
ECO No. 2420


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  • Page 1

    Operator’s Manual Riding Mower Internal Bagging System Model 13B-325-401 IMPORTANT: Read safety rules and instructions carefully before operating equipment. Warning: This unit is equipped with an internal combustion engine and should not be used on or near any unimproved forest- covered, brush-covered or grass-covered land unless the engine’s exhaust system is equipped with a spark arrester meeting...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Content Important Safe Operation Practices... 3 Slope Gauge... 6 Assembling Your Riding Mower ... 7 Know Your Riding Mower... 9 Operating Your Riding Mower... 11 Making Adjustments ... 13 Servicing Your Rider Mower ... 16 Maintaining Your Riding Mower ... 17 Off-Season Storage ...

  • Page 3: Important Safe Operation Practices

    SECTION 1: IMPORTANT SAFE OPERATION PRACTICES This symbol points out important safety instructions which, if not followed, could endanger the personal safety and/or property of yourself and others. Read and follow all instructions in this manual before attempting to operate your rider mower. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in personal injury.

  • Page 4

    injury or death. All slopes require extra caution. If you cannot back up the slope or if you feel uneasy on it, do not mow it. • For your safety, use the slope gauge included as part of this manual to measure slopes before operating this unit on a sloped or hilly area.

  • Page 5

    • Grass catcher components are subject to wear, damage and deterioration, which could expose moving parts or allow objects to be thrown. For your safety protection, frequently check components and replace with manufacturer’s recommended parts when necessary. • Mower blades are sharp and can cut. Wrap the blade(s) or wear gloves and use extra caution when servicing blade(s).

  • Page 6: Slope Gauge


  • Page 7: Assembling Your Riding Mower

    SECTION 3: UNPACKING & ASSEMBLING YOUR RIDER MOWER • Remove all screws and staples from crate. • Holding the sides of the crate firmly, lift the top of the crate up and keep it aside. Avoid tire punctures. • Remove and discard plastic bag covering the unit. •...

  • Page 8

    WARNING: Do not operate the mower if any one or more of the grass catcher, discharge chute or mulching plug is not firmly installed on the mower. • Pivot the hood assembly up and lower the cutting height adjustment lever to the lowest position. •...

  • Page 9: Know Your Riding Mower

    SECTION 4: KNOW YOUR RIDER MOWER Compare the illustrations in Figure 8 with your rider mower to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments. The operation of any rider mower can result in foreign objects being thrown into the operator’s eyes, causing severe eye damage.

  • Page 10: Stopping Mower

    Cutting Height Adjustment Lever Use to raise and lower the cutting deck which determines the cutting height. Brake Pedal Use to stop the mower’s forward or reverse motion. Stopping Mower • Release blade engagement pedal all the way. • Release the "Go" Pedal and depress the brake pedal.

  • Page 11: Operating Your Riding Mower

    SECTION 5: OPERATING YOUR RIDER MOWER Using Throttle/Choke Control The throttle/choke control is used to increase or decrease the speed of the engine.The FAST and the SLOW positions are marked with illustrations of a rabbit and a turtle respectively. See Figure 9. •...

  • Page 12: Using The Mower

    • Pivot the hood assembly up. Pull up the grasscatcher bag by the handle and take it to the proper disposal site. See Figure 11 . • Hold the bag away from your body. Push down on the bag lever and let the bottom section of the bag fall downwards.

  • Page 13: Making Adjustments

    SECTION 6: MAKING ADJUSTMENTS WARNING: Do not at any time make any adjustment to riding mower without first stopping engine and disconnecting spark plug wire. Brake Pedal During normal operation of the rider mower, the brake is subject to wear and tear. Check the brake periodically by carrying out the following test: •...

  • Page 14: Seat Position

    Seat Position The seat position on the rider mower can be adjusted to maximize the operator’s convenience. • Stop the mower completely and engage the parking brake. Turn ignition off. • Pivot the hood assembly up. • Loosen the four self-tapping screws on the bottom of the seat.

  • Page 15

    Test 2: Checking Front to Rear Levelling • Place the deck in the highest position. • Wearing a pair of heavy work gloves to prevent injury, rotate the cutting blade so that it is pointed front to back and parallel to the rider. Depress and lock the deck engagement pedal.

  • Page 16: Servicing Your Rider Mower

    SECTION 7: SERVICING YOUR RIDER MOWER Fuse Replacement The fuse is located next to the spark plug under the rear frame. Fuses seldom fail without a reason. If the fuse blows, the source problem must be corrected or the new fuse will blow again. •...

  • Page 17: Maintaining Your Riding Mower

    • Using a 9/16” socket, remove bolt, spacer and the flat washer from the variable speed pulley. See Figure 17 . Variable Speed Pulley Spring Loaded Idler Transmission Pulley Figure 17 SECTION 8: MAINTAINING YOUR RIDER MOWER General Recommendations • Always observe safety rules when performing any maintenance.

  • Page 18

    • The blade can be tested for balance by balancing it on a round shaft screwdriver. Remove metal from the heavy side until it balances evenly. Reassembly • Before reassembling the blade to the unit, lubricate the spindle with light oil (or engine oil). •...

  • Page 19: Off-season Storage

    • Lubricate teeth of the external steering gears with automotive multi-purpose grease every 25 hours of operation or once a season. Linkage • Lubricate all deck linkage and height adjustment linkage with a light oil. Front Wheels • Lubricate at least once a season with automotive multi-purpose grease.

  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    SECTION 10: TROUBLE-SHOOTING Trouble Excessive vibration Bent or damaged blade Bent blade. Mower will not Engine speed low. discharge grass or Speed selection. leaves uncut strips Cutting height set too low. Blades short or dull. Broken Belt Sudden stop or shock load to belt Incorrect belt used Belt engaged abruptly Defective or damaged belt...

  • Page 21

    Trouble Engine will not crank 1. Safety switch button not depressed Battery installed incorrectly Battery dead or weak. Blown fuse or circuit breaker Engine ground wire loose. Engine cranks but will Throttle/choke not in starting position. not start No fuel to the carburetor Fuel line or in-line fuel filter plugged No spark to spark plug Faulty spark plug...

  • Page 22: Parts List

    SECTION 11: PARTS LIST FOR SERIES 320 Ref. Part No. 731-1869 731-1904 Ref. * If equipped Description Steering Wheel: 4 Spoke Steering Wheel Cap Part No. Description 731-1877 Steering Column: Green 731-1918 Control Knob 712-0142 Hex Nut 8-32 710-3217 Pan Head Machine Screw #8-32 710-0599 Hex Screw TT 1/4-20 x .50”...

  • Page 23

    Model 320 Series...

  • Page 24

    Model 320 Series Ref. Part No. 17962 Switch Plate 650-0007 Steering Tube Assembly 683-0033A Steering Support Bracket 683-0178A Front Axle Assembly: RH 683-0179A Front Axle Assembly: LH 710-0224 Hex Screw AB 710-0459A Hex Screw 3/8-24 x 1.5” Gr.5 Sp. 710-0643 Lock Screw 5/16-18 x 1.0”...

  • Page 25

    Model 320 Series 34 3 20 30...

  • Page 26

    Model 320 Series Ref. Part No. Description 683-0155A Brake Pedal Assembly 683-0156A Variable Pedal Assembly 683-0161 Shift Cam Assembly 683-0275A Deck Pedal Assembly 710-1017 Ab Screw 1/4-14 X .625 711-0701 Clevis Pin 711-1156 Shaft 712-0287 Hex Nut 1/4-20 712-0324 Lock Nut 1/4-20 712-3017 Hex Nut 3/8-16 714-0104...

  • Page 27

    Model 320 Series Ref. Part No. Description 683-0152 Pivot Link Assembly 683-0194A Lift Arm Assembly 710-0376 Hex Screw 5/16-18 X 1.00 Gr.5 710-3230 Hex Bolt 1/2-13 X 2.75 Gr.5 Special 711-0332 Lift Bracket Pin 711-1120 Lift Rod 711-3319 Ferrule 712-0266 Jam Nut 712-3008 Jam Nut 3/8-16 Gr.

  • Page 28

    Model 320 Series NOTE: For painted parts, please refer to the list of color codes below. Please add applicable color code, needed, to the part number to order a replacement part. For instance, if a part numbered 700-xxxx is painted Yard-Man Green, the part number to order would be 700-xxxx-0665.

  • Page 29

    Model 320 Series Ref. Part No. 683-0147 Idler Bracket Assembly 710-0191 Hex Screw 3/8-24 x 1.25 710-0314 Hex Screw 7/16-20 x 1.0” 710-0902 Cap Screw 3/8-24 x 3.75 710-1611B TT Screw 5/16-18 x .75 710-3096 Hex Screw 3/8-16 x 2.0 Special 712-0116 Jam Lock Nut 3/8-24 712-0241...

  • Page 30

    Model 320 Series Ref. Part No. 783-0605 Deck Stabilizing Bracket 783-0564A Front Frame: Upper 783-0811 Steering Gear Cover 683-0264A Front Channel Assembly 783-0554 Cam Bracket 783-0414A Frame Rail: Rear 783-0413 Frame Rail—L.H. 783-0412A Frame Rail—R.H. 747-0985 Deck Rod 736-3019 Flat Washer .531 X 1.062 X .134 736-0275 Flat Washer 5/16 736-0187...

  • Page 31

    Model 320 Series...

  • Page 32

    Model 320 Series Ref. Part No. 683-0149B Frame Assembly 683-0190A Frame Rail Support: RH 683-0191A Frame Rail Support: LH 683-0192 Muffler Pipe Extension 710-0148 Hex Fl. Screw #8-32 x 0.375 710-0157 Hex Screw 5/16-24 x .75” Gr.5 710-0599 Self-Tapping Screw 710-0624 Hex Screw 5/16-24 x 1.5”...

  • Page 33

    Model 320 Series Ref. Part No. Description 710-0599 TT Screw 1/4-20 x 0.5 710-0870 TT Screw 3/8-16 x 0.62 710-1017 Torx AB Screw 1/4-14 x 0.625 720-0238 Rod End Grip 731-0511 Trim Strip 731-1691A Grass Bag Lens 783-0410 Bracket Reinforcement: Hood 783-0445 Hood Ref.

  • Page 34

    Model 320 Series Ref. Part No. 618-0232 Differential Assembly: Single Speed 618-0248 Drive Shaft assembly: LH Brake 618-0072B Upper Housing Assembly 611-0114 Detent Shaft Assembly 661-0006 Brake Yoke Assembly: LH 710-1206 Hex Washer Hd. TT Screw 1/4-20 x 2.37 Gr.5 710-1325 Hex Washer Hd.

  • Page 35

    Model 320 Series NOTE: For painted parts, please refer to the list of color codes below. Please add applicable color needed, to the part number to order a replacement part. For instance, if a part numbered 700-xxxx is painted Yard-Man Green, the part number to order would be 700-xxxx-0665.

  • Page 36

    Model 320 Series Ref. Part No. Description 631-0060 Flow Indicator Assembly 631-0080 Grass Bag Assembly 710-0166 Machine Screw 1/4-20 x 1.0 710-0286 Machine Screw 1/4-20 x 0.5” 710-0456 Hex Screw #10-16 x 0.5” 710-0564 Hex Screw 1/4-20 x 2.75” 710-0642 Self-Tapping Screw 1/4-20 x 0.75”...

  • Page 37

    Model 320 Series Ref. Part No. 629-0945 Harness Assembly w/o relays 725-0267 Ignition Switch: 5 Pin 725-1426 Solenoid: 12 V. 100 amp. 725-1462 Seat Switch 725-1643 Spring Switch 725-1657A Interlock Switch 725-1381 Fuse: 20 amp. 725-1726 Battery Cover 725-3237 Battery Cover: Red 729-0357 Fuse Holder w/Clip 729-0359...

  • Page 38

    Safety & Decorative Labels...

  • Page 39

    Your Notes Date Comments...

  • Page 40

    MANUFACTURER’S LIMITED WARRANTY FOR: The limited warranty set forth below is given by MTD PRODUCTS INC (“MTD”) with respect to new merchandise purchased and used in the United States, its possessions and territories. MTD warrants this product against defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years commencing on the date of original purchase and will, at its option, repair or replace, free of charge, any part found to be defective in...

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