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Yard-Man 13B-325-401 Operator's Manual Page 4

320 series riding mower internal bagging system.
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injury or death. All slopes require extra caution. If
you cannot back up the slope or if you feel uneasy
on it, do not mow it.
For your safety, use the slope gauge included as
part of this manual to measure slopes before
operating this unit on a sloped or hilly area. If the
slope is greater than 15° as shown on the slope
gauge, do not operate this unit in that area or
serious injury could result.
Mow up and down slopes, not across.
Remove obstacles such as rocks, limbs, etc.
Watch for holes, ruts or bumps. Uneven terrain
could overturn the machine. Tall grass can hide
Use slow speed. Choose a low enough gear so that
you will not have to stop or shift while on the slope.
Always keep machine in gear when going down
slopes to take advantage of engine braking action.
Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for
wheel weights or counterweights to improve
Use extra care with grass catchers or other
attachments. These can change the stability of the
Keep all movement on the slopes slow and gradual.
Do not make sudden changes in speed or direction.
Rapid engagement or braking could cause the front
of the machine to lift and rapidly flip over backwards
which could cause serious injury.
Avoid starting or stopping on a slope. If tires lose
traction, disengage the blade(s) and proceed slowly
straight down the slope.
Do Not:
Do not turn on slopes unless necessary; then, turn
slowly and gradually downhill, if possible.
Do not mow near drop-offs, ditches or
embankments.The mower could suddenly turn over
if a wheel is over the edge of a cliff or ditch, or if an
edge caves in.
Do not mow on wet grass. Reduced traction could
cause sliding.
Do not try to stabilize the machine by putting your
foot on the ground.
Do not use grass catcher on steep slopes.
Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not
alert to the presence of children. Children are often
attracted to the machine and the mowing activity.
Never assume that children will remain where you
last saw them.
Keep children out of the mowing area and in
watchful care of an adult other than the operator.
Be alert and turn machine off if children enter the
Before and when backing, look behind and down
for small children.
Never carry children. They may fall off and be
seriously injured or interfere with the safe machine
Never allow children under 14 years old to operate
the machine. Children 14 years and over should
only operate machine under close parental
supervision and proper instruction.
Use extra care when approaching blind corners,
shrubs, trees or other objects that may obscure
your vision of a child or other hazard.
Remove key when machine is unattended to
prevent unauthorized operation.
Use extreme care in handling gasoline and other
fuels. They are extremely flammable and the
vapors are explosive.
a. Use only an approved container.
b. Never remove fuel cap or add fuel with the
engine running. Allow engine to cool at least
two minutes before refueling.
Replace fuel cap securely and wipe off any
spilled fuel before starting the engine as it may
cause a fire or explosion.
d. Extinguish all cigarettes, cigars, pipes and
other sources of ignition.
e. Never refuel the machine indoors because fuel
vapors will accumulate in the area.
Never store the fuel container or machine
inside where there is an open flame or spark,
such as a gas hot water heater, space heater
or furnace.
Never run a machine inside a closed area.
To reduce fire hazard, keep the machine free of
grass, leaves or other debris build-up. Clean up oil
or fuel spillage. Allow machine to cool at least 5
minutes before storing.
Before cleaning, repairing or inspecting, make
certain the blade and all moving parts have
stopped. Disconnect the spark plug wire, and keep
the wire away from the spark plug to prevent
accidental starting.
Check the blade and engine mounting bolts at
frequent intervals for proper tightness. Also,
visually inspect blade for damage (e.g., excessive
wear, bent, cracked). Replace with blade which
meets original equipment specifications.
Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be sure the
equipment is in safe working condition.
Never tamper with safety devices. Check their
proper operation regularly. Use all guards as
instructed in this manual.
After striking a foreign object, stop the engine,
remove the wire from the spark plug and thoroughly
inspect the mower for any damage. Repair the
damage before restarting and operating the mower.


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