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Yard-Man 13B-325-401 Operator's Manual: Stopping Mower; Using Shift Lever; Grass Fill Level Indicator

320 series riding mower internal bagging system.
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Cutting Height Adjustment Lever
Use to raise and lower the cutting deck which
determines the cutting height.
Brake Pedal
Use to stop the mower's forward or reverse motion.

Stopping Mower

Release blade engagement pedal all the way.
Release the "Go" Pedal and depress the brake
When the mower comes to a complete stop, place
the shift lever in neutral.
Engage the parking brake by pulling up on the
parking brake knob.
Turn the ignition key to OFF position and remove
the key.
Safety Interlock
This unit is equipped with a safety interlock system for
your protection. The interlock safety switches are
connected to the brake pedal, the blade engagement
pedal, the shift lever, and the seat.
The purpose of the safety interlock system is threefold:
a. to prevent the engine from starting unless the
brake pedal is depressed and the blade
engagement pedal is disengaged;
to shut off the engine if the blade pedal is not
disengaged when the shift lever is put into
reverse; and
to shut the engine off when the operator leaves
the seat without engaging the parking brake.
WARNING: To avoid the risk of serious
injury, do not operate the rider mower if
the interlock system is malfunctioning.
Remove objects that could be thrown by the
Know location and function of all controls.
Be sure blade(s) and engine are stopped before
placing hands or feet near blade(s).
Before leaving operator's position, disengage
blade(s), place the shift lever in neutral, engage
parking brake, shut engine off and remove key.

Using Shift Lever

The shift lever is used to regulate the direction of your
rider mower. It can be set at forward, neutral, or reverse
settings. These settings, marked as F, N,and R
respectively, are located next to the shift lever on the
unit. See Figure 9.
Before you move the shift lever to any of the
positions, depress the brake pedal and stop the
unit. Keep your foot on the brake pedal.
Move the lever outwards (left) to remove the
locking pin from the lever and slide the lever to the
position desired. Look at the rear and make sure
the path is free of obstacles before positioning the
shift lever to the reverse.
Do not force the shift lever. If it does not shift,
release the brake pedal slightly to line up the
shifting collar in the transmission, then try to move
the shift lever.
Slowly release the brake pedal and take your foot
off the pedal. Always make sure that there is no one
in the way when you run the mower.

Grass Fill Level Indicator

This indicator (Figure 10 ) was designed to add
convenience to your riding mower. While the mower is
running, air will flow through the discharge chute and
into the grass catcher. If the grass catcher is empty, air
flows through easily pushing the ball up. If the grass
catcher is full, air does not flow through it allowing the
ball to fall. So if you see the ball in the grass catcher fill
level indicator falling down, you should stop the mower
and empty the bag.
Figure 9
Grass Fill
Figure 10


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