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Yard-Man 13875-8 Owner's Manual

36" riding mowers.
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(MODEL 13885-8 SHOWN)
FORM NO. 770-7545


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    FIFTY CENTS (MODEL 13885-8 SHOWN) PRINTED IN U.S.A. FORM NO. 770-7545 ..

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    WARNING TO PURCHASERS OF INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE EQUIPPED MACHINERY OR DEVICES IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA The equipment which you have just purchased does not have a spark arrester. If this equipment is used on any forest covered land, brush covered land, or grass covered unimproved land in the State of California, before using on such land, the California law requires that a spark arrester be provided.

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    It is sug~ested that this manual be read in its entirety manual In a safe place for future reference and for ordering This unit is shipped WITHOUT GASOLINE proper fuel and amount. Your rotary mower is a precision caution at all times. SAFE OPERATION 1.

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    Limited Warranty. Safe Operation Practices Index. Assembly. Battery Information. Before Starting Engine. Controls. Operation of Controls. Cutting Tips. Lubrication GRASS CATCHER Model available as optional equipment shown in this manual. The mower should not be operated without the entire grass catcher or chute deflector in place.

  • Page 5

    0 (2) Hex Screws 1/4-20 x 5.50" Long E (2) Lockwashers 1/4" Screw F (4) Hex Nuts 1/4-20 Thread G (2) Hex Sems Screws 1/4-20 x .62" Long STEERING WHEEL First, place steering shaft steering shaft. Then position on top of the steering shaft.

  • Page 6

    DANGER * BATTERIES CONTAIN ACID AND MAY CONTAIN SIVE GASES (when electrolyte been added)A. Keep sparks, flame, cigarettes B. Hydrogen is generated and discharging.C. Ventilate when charging or using space. D. When using charger-to NEVER connect or disconnect battery while charger is turned on. E.

  • Page 7

    FIGURE 5. REMOVE BATTERY ACCESS PANEL 2. Place battery battery terminals to the front of unit. terminal will be on the left hand side of rider. See figure 6. FIGURE 6. FIGURE 7. 3. Place the battery hold down over battery and secure in place with hex screws (0) 5V2 inches long, lockwashers (E), and hex nuts (F).

  • Page 8

    FIGURE 9. FILL FUEL TANK (See figure 10.) Fill the fuel tank completely. one gallon. Use clean, FRESH, lead-free regular grade automotive gasoline. gasoline that has been stored for a long period. DO NOT MIX WITH OIL. Be sure container is clean.

  • Page 9

    f. Lift and Disengagement Lever. It is used to raise the cutting deck. Pulling it all the way back and locking it disengages the blades. not start unless the lift and disengagement is in the disengaged position. FIGURE 12. g. Brake Lock. The brake lock is located right hand side of the mower.

  • Page 10

    To shift into Reverse or Forward is moving in the opposite direction, the foot pedal to stop the tractor and to disengage the drive belt. Move the shift release the foot pedal to the move the shift lever to the desired slowly release the foot pedal.

  • Page 11

    MOWING PATTERNS side discharge mowing deck will throw grass clippings to the right. You can take advantage as follows:a. If you are going to remove clippings mow, start mowing at one side and proceed around the lawn pattern. Using this pattern, chute will distribute clippings...

  • Page 12

    After every 5 hours of operation, points listed below with SAE 20 engine oil (unless otherwise noted). (A) Oil the pedal pivot point (B) Oil all connecting rod points (C) Oil all pivot points (rider & mower) (0) Oil the mower control lever (E) Oil the throttle control...

  • Page 13

    5. Each time you use the rider be sure you check the condition of the nuts, bolts, cotter pins, etc. to be sure all are tight properly. 6. The transaxle transmission at the factory. Check the oil level every 25 hours by removing the oil fill plug.

  • Page 14

    To adjust the toe-in follow these steps. 1. Remove the elastic locknut rod end from the wheel bracket. 2. Loosen the hex jam nut on tie rod.3. Adjust the tie rod assembly FIGURE 21. TIE ROD ADJUSTMENT FIGURE 22. TOE-IN DIAGRAM Dimension "B"...

  • Page 15

    FIGURE 25. REMOVE CUTTING UNIT 1. Lower the cutting unit to the lowest height of cut. Move the mower lever back into the OFF position.2. Remove the haripin cotter and pullout hitch pin. See figure 26. FIGURE 26. 3. Slip the mower drive belt off the bottom rim of the engine drive pulley and out of the mower drive idler and belt restrictor.

  • Page 16

    Pull the worn belt (from the rear) to the double pulley assembly pulley. Reverse the procedure in replacing the new belt. Be sure the idler pulley is on the outside of the belt. Refer to the belt diagram decal on the mower deck for correct belt installation.

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