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Black & Decker PD1420B Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Black & Decker PD1420B

  • Page 1 ENGLISH PD1420B...
  • Page 2 Charging 충전 중 The appliance can be left connected to the charger and may beccome warm during use. 제품을 충전기에 연결해 둘 수 있지만 사용 중에는 뜨거워질 수 있습니다. Remove tag 전원태그 제거 LED paterns LED 패턴 Charging 충전 중 끄기...
  • Page 3 Accessories 사용법 액세서리 Connecting to the handle 핸들에 연결 켜기 LED paterns LED 패턴 Removing the handle Battery low 핸들 분리 배터리 부족 Battery empty 배터리 없음 Connecting to the hose Battery hot 호스에연결 배터리 과열...
  • Page 4: Clean Filter

    Emptying Clean filter 비우기 필터 청소 In order to keep the suction force optimised, Re-assemble after cleaning the filter or continue to wash. the fiters must be cleared regularly during use. 흡입력을 최적 상태로 유지하려면, 필터를 청소한 후 재조립하거나 계속 씻습니다. 사용...
  • Page 5 Wash Features 기능 세척 Rotate bowl 먼지통 돌리기 Dry throughly 완전히 말리기...
  • Page 6: Safety Instructions

    ENGLISH ENGLISH (Original instructions) (Original instructions) ENGLISH ENGLISH Additional safety instruc- Do not use the appliance near water. Batteries and chargers Intended use tions  Do not immerse the appliance in water. Your Black & Decker Dustbuster® handheld vacuum cleaner Batteries has been designed for vacuum cleaning purposes.
  • Page 7 ENGLISH ENGLISH (Original instructions) (Original instructions) ENGLISH ENGLISH Chargers The charger automatically shuts off if the ambient Maintenance Your charger has been designed for a temperature becomes too high. As a consequence Your Black & Decker cordless appliance has been designed the charger will be inoperable.
  • Page 8: Troubleshooting

    Do not use the appliance if any part is  manual. The use of any accessory Š 주변 온도가 10°C - 40°C 사이에 있을 때에만 PD1420B breakage of parts, damage to switches repair agent. Read all of this manual carefully before instruction manual may present a risk ...
  • Page 9 Do not expose the charger to water. Use your Black & Decker charger only 1. On/off power switch Use your Black & Decker charger only to charge the battery in the appliance 2. Removable handle   to charge the battery in the appliance Do not open the charger.
  • Page 10 Black & Decker service centre. 보십시오. 결함이 지속되는 경우, 공인 Charger fault Charger fault Black & Decker 센터로 반환해 주십시오. Charger fault 충전기 결함 Technical data Technical data Technical data 기술 데이터 PD1420B PD1420B PD1420B PD1420B 14.4 전압 14.4 14.4 14.4 Voltage Voltage Voltage 배터리...
  • Page 12 90635655 05/2016...