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Siemens CHM 604 MP3 User Manual

Ultra slim 6 disc mp3/cd changer



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  • Page 4 CDC603A Aug.06-03 INTRODUCTION This CD changer is designed for use only with car radios which have CD changer controls based on either the DIGITAL (SPDIF) or ANALOG standard. Consult your dealer for suitable types of car radio. The functions of the CD changer are described in the operating instructions for the car radio. General Precautions Installation...
  • Page 5: Installation

    CDC603A Aug.06-03 INSTALLATION PREPARATION FIXING MATERIAL SUPPLIED Fig. 2 Only use screws and fixing material supplied! L-shape brackets base-plate washer screw tapping screw dust protection sticker adhesive label bolt REMOVING TRANSPORT SCREWS Fig. 1 Remove the three transport screws from the underside of the CD changer. Clean around the three holes on the CD changer.
  • Page 6: Shock Absorber Adjustment

    CDC603A Aug.06-03 SHOCK ABSORBER ADJUSTMENT Be sure to adjust Mounting Angle Setting Lever to appropriate angle(Fig.4,5,6); 0° for horizontal, 22.5° angle, 45° angle, 67.5° angle, 80° angle,or 90° angle for vertical. After setting the position of the shock absorbers, glue the supplied sticker F over the holes of the setting mechanisms.
  • Page 7 CDC603A Aug.06-03 MOUNTING Caution: Take care not to drill into the fuel tank, the exhaust pipe system, the catalytic converter or the cables laying behind or below any drilled holes! MOUNTING IN THE LUGGAGE BOOT Fix bracket A on the side of the CD changer using the washer screw C(Figs. 7a-c). Fix the base plate with the long bolts H to the bracket using the nut D(Fig.8).
  • Page 8 CDC603A Aug.06-03 MOUNTING CONNECTING THE CABLES (Fig.15) Only use the cables supplied to connect the CD changer to the car radio! Ensure that the negative car battery terminal is disconnected. Connect the car radio as described in the car radio's mounting instructions. Connect the blue plug C3 of the extension cable to the rear of the car radio (socket C3') (fig.15).
  • Page 9: Operation

    CDC603A Aug.06-03 OPERATION FILLING THE CARTRIDGE Pull the tab on the cartridge's disc tray to remove one of the trays. Place the disc on the tray with the label side up Each tray can accommodate only one disc. The CD changer will not function if the discs are upside down.
  • Page 10: Handling Discs

    CDC603A Aug.06-03 OPERATION HANDLING DISCS Do not drop discs. Keep discs free from dirt and fingerprints. Scratched discs may cause skipping of music parts. Do not glue paper or labels on discs. Do not write on discs. Do not play damaged or deformed discs. Never expose discs to heat or direct sunshine.
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    CDC603A Aug.06-03 TROUBLESHOOTING An error made in operation or in the connections is sometimes mistaken for a failure or breakdown. Perform the checks described in the following table before calling a Service Agency. Symptom CD-Changer does not react. Improper connection. Cartridge cannot be inserted.
  • Page 12: Specifications

    CDC603A Aug.06-03 SPECIFICATIONS CHM 604 MP3 Compatible CD types: Compressed digital audio: DAC: Oversampling: Channels: Frequency Response: W o w and Flutter: Total Harmonic Distortion: Signal-to-Noise ratio: Channel separation: Power requirement: Output Voltage: Weight: Dimensions (W x H x D):...

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