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Troubleshooting - Siemens CHM 604 MP3 User Manual

Ultra slim 6 disc mp3/cd changer
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CDC603A Aug.06-03


An error made in operation or in the connections is sometimes mistaken for a failure or
breakdown. Perform the checks described in the following table before calling a Service
CD-Changer does not react. Improper connection.
Cartridge cannot
be inserted.
CD is not played.
Noise is heard during
playback or sound is
CD player does not function. If the weather is cold there Wait for about 5 minutes for
If you cannot solve the problem and you still have to send your CD changer for service, always
send the complete set with cartridge and the transport screws in place. Do not try to open
the changer to service it yourself.
* Scan-time adjustments made at the headunit are not supported. This changer will always
use a 10-second scan-time.
Blown fuse in the car .
Direction in which it is
inserted is wrong.
Disc has been loaded upside
Large scratches on disc or
warped disc.
Scratches on disc.
Extremely dirty disc.
Transport screws still
in place.
Setting mechanisms of shock
absorbers are adjusted in
the wrong direction.
may be some condensation
on the laser .
Check connections.
Replace with a fuse of
the correct type and
amperage (consult car radio
If fuse blows again, consult
a Service Agency .
Insert in correct direction.
Pay attention to the printing
on the magazine.
Place the disc on the tray
with the label side
Insert disc without scratches
or which is not warped.
Compare sound with
another disc. If sound from
second disc is acceptable,
first disc is defective.
Clean disc.
Remove screws (x3) on
bottom of unit and then use.
Adjust setting mechanisms
in proper direction (refer
to "Installation" in
Operating Instructions).
the moisture to evaporate.