Makita DFL651F Instruction Manual

Makita DFL651F Instruction Manual

Cordless angle screwdriver
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Cordless Angle Screwdriver
Read before use.


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  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Cordless Angle Screwdriver DFL651F Read before use.
  • Page 2: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Model DFL651F Fastening torque Hard joint 25 - 65 N • m Soft joint Square drive 9.5 mm or 12.7 mm No load speed 80 - 200 min Overall length 583 mm - 600 mm (Depending on the battery) Net weight 2.5 - 2.9 kg...
  • Page 3: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    When operating a power tool outdoors, use an WARNING: The vibration emission during extension cord suitable for outdoor use. Use of actual use of the power tool can differ from the a cord suitable for outdoor use reduces the risk of declared value(s) depending on the ways in which electric shock.
  • Page 4: Cordless Screwdriver Safety Warnings

    Battery tool use and care Recharge only with the charger specified by the manufacturer. A charger that is suitable for one type of battery pack may create a risk of fire when used with another battery pack. Use power tools only with specifically desig- nated battery packs. Use of any other battery packs may create a risk of injury and fire.
  • Page 5: Functional Description

    MISUSE or failure to follow the safety rules stated in this void the Makita warranty for the Makita tool and charger. instruction manual may cause serious personal injury. Tips for maintaining maximum...
  • Page 6: Battery Protection System

    Indicating the remaining battery CAUTION: capacity • Always install the battery cartridge fully until the red indicator cannot be seen. If not, it may acci- Only for battery cartridges with the indicator dentally fall out of the tool, causing injury to you or someone around you.
  • Page 7 Switch action Lighting up the lamp(s) CAUTION: CAUTION: • Before inserting the battery cartridge into the • Do not look in the light or see the source of light tool, always check to see that the switch trigger directly. actuates properly and returns to the "OFF" position when released.
  • Page 8 LED indicator / Beeper ► 1 . LED indicator LED indicator / Beeper on the tool shows the following functions. Function Status Status of the LED indicator/beeper Action to be taken LED indicator Beeper Auto-stop fastening This function works Lights up in green for –...
  • Page 9 LED indicator Beeper Motor failure Motor failure has been Flickers in red and green A series of short beeps Ask your local Makita detected. At this time, alternatively. Service Center for repair. tool does not work. Double-hitting detection This function works Lights up in red.
  • Page 10: Operation

    ► 1 . USB cable 2. USB port After installing application soft in your computer, using ► 1 . Hook 2. Hole USB cable allows no-load speed and revolution angle adjustment etc. of the tool. NOTE: For application soft, please contact Makita sales representative. OPERATION Hold the tool firmly and place the socket over the bolt ASSEMBLY or nut.
  • Page 11: Maintenance

    Never use gasoline, benzine, thinner, alcohol or the like. Discoloration, deformation or cracks may result. To maintain product SAFETY and RELIABILITY, repairs, any other maintenance or adjustment should be performed by Makita Authorized or Factory Service Centers, always using Makita replacement parts. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES CAUTION: •...
  • Page 12 Jan-Baptist Vinkstraat 2, Makita Europe N.V. 3070 Kortenberg, Belgium 3-11-8, Sumiyoshi-cho, Makita Corporation Anjo, Aichi 446-8502 Japan 885455E224 20190415...

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