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Normal Noises - Siemens WT46Y729EE Instruction Manual


Normal noises

During drying, the compressor and the pump generate some noise which is entirely normal.
The compressor in the dryer may
occasionally generate a humming noise.
The volume and pitch of this may vary
depending on the selected
programmes and the progress of the
The compressor in the dryer is ventilated
from time to time, which creates a whirring
The automatic cleaning process causes
a clicking noise.
The process of pumping the condensation
into the condensate container generates
pumping noises.
What to do if ...
If you cannot rectify a fault yourself (e.g. by switching the dryer off/on), please contact our
after-sales service.
We will always find an appropriate solution and will avoid unnecessary visits by engineers.
Trust the expertise of the manufacturer and rest assured that the repair will be carried out
by trained service technicians using original spare parts.
The contact details of your local after-sales service can be found in the enclosed after-sales
service directory:
– GB 0344 892 8999 (Calls charged at local or mobile rate.)
– IE 01450 2655 (0.03 € per minute at peak. Off peak 0.0088 € per minute.)
When contacting the after-sales service, please specify the product number (E-Nr.)
and production number (FD) of your appliance(see inside of door).
Switch the dryer off using the programme selector and unplug the mains plug from
the socket.
Please empty condensate
Emptying the condensate container
Press any button.
container is displayed.
Press the inicio/pausa+carga (start/pause)
Please empty condensate
Is the condensation drain installed?
container is displayed
drain hose blocked
and the drying cycle is
Stopper in the condensate container?
Instructions for condensation drain.
Is the filter in the condensate container dirty?
the filter in the condensate container
and maintenance instructions, Page 3.
Residual water in
Not a fault. If the condensation drain is installed, residual
the condensate container
water remains in the condensate container due to
despite the dryer being
the dryer's self-cleaning function.
connected to the condensation
Please clean lint filter is
Clean the fluff filters
Press the inicio/pausa+carga (start/pause)
Dryer does not start.
Has the inicio/pausa+carga (start/pause)
Door closed?
Ambient temperature greater than 5 °C? The optimum
ambient temperature for drying is between 5 °C and
35 °C.
Water is leaking out.
Make sure the dryer is level. Push the condensate
container back in until it locks fully into place.
Page 4.
check and clean the hose.
Page 4.
button been