Siemens WT46S515BY Operating And Installation Instruction

Siemens WT46S515BY Operating And Installation Instruction


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Intended use
Your new dryer
Congratulations! - You have chosen a modern, high-quality domestic
only for domestic use.
appliance from Siemens.
only to be used for drying, refreshing or unwrinkling
A distinctive feature of the condensation dryer is its low energy
fabrics that have been washed with water.
Every dryer which leaves our factory is carefully checked to ensure
This appliance is intended for use up to a maximum
that it functions correctly and is in perfect condition.
height of 4000 metres above sea level.
Should you have any questions, our after-sales service will be pleased
Keep children younger than 3 years old away from
to help.
the dryer.
Do not let children make the cleaning and
maintenance work on the dryer without supervision.
Disposal in an environmentally-responsible manner
Do not leave children unsupervised near the dryer.
This appliance is labelled in accordance with European Directive
Keep pets away from the dryer.
2012/19/EU concerning used electrical and electronic appliances
The dryer can be operated by children 8 years old
(waste electrical and electronic equipment - WEEE). The guideline
and older, by persons with reduced physical,
determines the framework for the return and recycling of used
sensory or mental abilities and by persons with
appliances as applicable throughout the EU.
insufficient experience or knowledge if they are
supervised or have been instructed in its use by
For further information about our products, accessories, spare parts
a responsible adult.
and services, please visit:
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Setting the programmes . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3/4
Programme selector
Display panel
Notes on laundry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Cleaning and care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Overview of programmes . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Short spin / Refresh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8/9
Installation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Frost protection / Transport . . . . . . . . . . 10
Technical data . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Optional accessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
What to do if... / After-sales service . . . . 12
Safety instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
For selecting the settings.
For changing all the settings in the display panel.
1 -24 hrs
End of the programme after ... (depending on the programme selected, e.g. 1:54h
Electronic start
you can always select up to the next full hour).
0, 1, 2, 3, 4
There are four buzzer volume settings: 0 (off), 1 (quiet), 2 (normal), 3 (loud), 4 (very loud). Signal
Provides protection against unintentional changes to the functions set
Appliance lock
(press and hold the menu button for 5 seconds).
(depending on the
0, 1, 2, 3
The drying result (e.g. Cupboard Dry) can be increased in three stages (1 - 3) for the programmes
Fine adjustment of
Easy-Care and
Super 40'
presetting = 0.
the drying result
After one of these programmes has been finely adjusted, the setting is retained for the others.
The spin speed that was used in the washing machine;
Spin speed
for more precise indication of the projected drying duration only.
Preparing for
installation, see page 10
Never operate the dryer if it is damaged.
Inform your after-sales service.
the dryer
Only if your hands are dry.
Connecting the
Only hold the plug by the plug
mains plug
Condensation container
Sorting and loading laundry
Remove all objects from pockets.
Pay particular attention to cigarette lighters.
The drum must be empty before filling.
If necessary, fill the water tank for
Steam Refresh/Drying programmes
page 8.
See programme overview on page 7.
See also separate instructions for "basket for woollens"
(depending on the model)
Selecting and adjusting the programme
Water tank
Select the drying programme ...
filling hole
with filter
... and adapt to individual requirements
Additional functions
Cover for
steam nozzle
All buttons are sensitive,
a light touch is enough!
Press the
start button
Air cooler
Air inlet
Fluff filter
Reduced temperature for delicate fabrics
, for a longer drying time;
(Low Heat)
e.g. acrylic, polyamide, elastane or acetate silk.
(Easy Iron)
Reduces creasing and prolongs the anti-creasing phase after the
programme has finished; can be selected in one of two levels.
Status indicators
Indicators which show the programme sequences.
Drying, Iron Dry, Cupboard Dry, End / Easy Iron.
Drying / Short spin /
Service indicators
Clean the fluff filter and/or air cooler under running water
page 6.
Empty the condensation container.
water tank
Fill the water tank with distilled water
page 9.
Emptying condensation
Information on laundry ...
Empty the container after each drying cycle, not during drying!
Remove the container, holding it level.
Pour out condensation.
Push the
container back in until it clicks into place.
Cleaning the fluff filter
Open the door, remove the filter and fold open.
Remove the fluff (by wiping the filter with your hand).
Close the filter, insert it again and close the door.
Remove fluff from the door and the area around it.
Very dirty or blocked filters should be rinsed under warm
water, and then dried thoroughly.
Control panel
Clean the filter in the water tank
if it is dirty
Remove the condensation tank.
Remove the filter.
Clean the filter under running water.
Re-insert the filter and push in the condensation tank until it clicks into
Switching off the dryer
Turn the programme selector to Off.
Do not leave damp laundry in the dryer.
Removing the laundry
The automatic Easy Iron function moves the drum at certain intervals. The load remains loose and soft for
an hour (or two hours if you manually select the
(Easy Iron) function, depending on the model.)
Programme end
lights up in the display.
Interrupt programme
removing or adding laundry.
The drying cycle can be interrupted for a brief period so that laundry may be added or removed.
The selected programme must then be continued until it is finished.
Hot steam may escape during the Steam Drying / Steam Refresh programmes.
Open the door. The drying cycle is paused.
Remove or add laundry and close the door.
If required, select a new programme and additional functions.
Press the
start button. The remaining time is updated after a few minutes.
Cleaning and care
Labelling of fabrics
Dryer housing, control panel, air cooler, moisture sensors
– Wipe with a soft, damp cloth.
Follow the manufacturer's care information.
– Do not use harsh cleaning agents and solvents.
Drying at normal temperature.
– Remove detergent and cleaning agent residue immediately.
Dry at a low temperature
°C (Low Heat) as well.
– During drying, water may collect between the door and seal. This does not affect your
Do not machine dry.
dryer's functions in any way.
Do not tumble-dry the following fabrics:
– Airtight fabrics (e.g. rubber-coated fabrics).
– Delicate materials (silk, curtains made from synthetic material)
they may crease.
Air cooler / Protective filter
– Oil-stained laundry.
When cleaning, only remove the protective filter. Clean the air cooler
Drying tips
behind the protective filter once a year.
– To ensure a consistent result, sort the laundry by fabric type and drying programme.
– Allow the dryer to cool.
– Close zips, hooks and eyes, and do up any buttons. Tie belts, apron strings etc. together.
– Residual water may leak out, so place an absorbent towel
– Do not overdry easy-care laundry
risk of creasing. Allow laundry to finish drying
underneath the maintenance door.
in the air.
– Do not iron laundry immediately after drying, fold items up and leave for a while
1. Unlock the maintenance door.
the remaining moisture will then be distributed evenly.
2. Open the maintenance door fully.
– The drying result depends on the type of water used during washing.
Fine adjustment
of the drying result
Page 1/2.
– Knitted fabrics (e.g. T-shirts, jerseys) often shrink slightly the first time they are tumble-dried.
Do not select the
Cupboard Dry Extra programme.
3. Turn both locking levers towards each another.
– Starched laundry is not always suitable for dryers
starch leaves behind a coating that
adversely affects the drying operation.
4. Pull out the protective filter/air cooler.
– When washing laundry that is to be tumble-dried afterwards, dose the fabric softener
Do not damage the protective filter or air cooler.
according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Clean with warm water only.
– With a small load, use the Timed Program.
Do not use any hard or sharp-edged objects.
Tips for Short spin/refreshing
5. Clean the air cooler thoroughly.
– Use your dryer for unwrinkling and refreshing fabrics.
Allow to drip dry.
– Short spin cycle for reducing creasing.
6. Clean the seals.
– Refresh cycle for eliminating odours from fabrics.
7. Re-insert the protective filter/air cooler,
Do not use Short spin/Refresh for the following fabrics:
with the handle facing down.
– Wool, leather, fabrics with metal, wooden or plastic parts.
8. Turn back both locking levers.
– Wax and oil jackets.
9. Close the maintenance door until the lock clicks into place.
– Sort the laundry by colour and put on separate short spin/refresh cycles to prevent the
Moisture sensors
colours from bleeding.
– These programmes do not remove stains
stains must be treated and removed
The dryer is fitted with stainless steel moisture sensors. The sensors
measure the level of moisture in the laundry. After a long period of
operation, a fine layer of limescale may form on the sensors.
– For best results, so that the laundry will have as few creases as possible, remove each item
immediately after the programme has finished and hang on a hanger to finish drying. Pull
1. Open the door and clean the moisture sensors with a damp sponge
clothes into shape if required.
which has a rough surface.
Environmental protection / Energy-saving tips
Do not use steel wool or abrasive materials.
– Before drying, spin the laundry thoroughly in the washing machine
the higher the spin
speed, the shorter the drying time will be (consumes less energy), also spin easy-care
Cover for steam nozzle
in the drum
– Use the maximum recommended capacity, but do not exceed it
Page 7, "Programme
After lengthy operation, limescale and fluff may accumulate on
the cover of the steam nozzle. Clean regularly:
– Make sure the room is well ventilated during drying.
– Clean the fluff filter after each drying cycle
page 4.
1. Open the door and remove the cover with a screw driver.
Clean the cover under running water.
– Keep the air cooler clean
page 6 "Cleaning and care".
– Keep the supply of cool air unobstructed
Do not cover or block the cooling grill.
2. Push and click the protective cap back in place.
Only when switched off!
Clean the protective filter 5 - 6 times a year
or if
flashes after the fluff filter has been cleaned.


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  • Page 1 Clean the filter under running water. the remaining moisture will then be distributed evenly. and services, please visit: See also separate instructions for “basket for woollens” 2. Open the maintenance door fully. Re-insert the filter and push in the condensation tank until it clicks into –...
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    Press and hold selection turn to – The exterior of the appliance's rear panel becomes very hot during WT46S515BY then turn 3 x to the right Drying has been interrupted as a result of a power cut, because the condensate...
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    See programme overview on page 7. For further information about our products, accessories, spare parts a responsible adult. See also separate instructions for “basket for w and services, please visit: (depending on the model) Selecting and adjusting th Contents...
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    Drying Emptying condensation Empty the container after each drying cycle, not during drying! Remove the container, holding it level. Inspecting Pour out condensation. Push the container back in until it clicks into place. the dryer nnecting the Cleaning the fluff filter mains plug Open the door, remove the filter and fold open.
  • Page 5: Cleaning And Care

    Only when switched off! Information on laundry ... Cleaning and care Dryer housing, control panel, air cooler, moisture sensors Labelling of fabrics – Wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Follow the manufacturer's care information. – Do not use harsh cleaning agents and solvents. Drying at normal temperature.
  • Page 7 Steam Drying - Steam Refresh Steam Drying - Steam Refresh Steam programmes for unwrinkling or refreshing Your water tank empties automatically after the programme has finished. – Your dryer has unwrinkling and refreshing programmes that can be used for removing Cleaning is therefore not required odours and minimising creasing in dry fabrics.
  • Page 8: Installation

    Installation Technical data Dimensions (DxWxH) 60 x 60 x 85 cm (adjustable height) – Scope of delivery: dryer, installation and instruction manual, jug, basket for woollens Weight approximately 43.5 kg (depending on the model). Max. capacity 8 kg – Check dryer for transport damage. Condensation container 4.0 l –...
  • Page 9: What To Do If

    Safety instructions What to do if... If you cannot rectify a fault yourself (e.g. switching off/on), please contact our after-sales service. We will always Emergency – Pull the appliance plug out of the socket immediately or disconnect the fuse. find an appropriate solution and will avoid unnecessary visits by engineers. Trust the expertise of the ONLY use the –...
  • Page 10 Dryer WT46S515BY en Tumble dryer Operating and installation instructions Register your product Observe the safety instructions on page 13. online Caution - risk of scalding. Read these instructions and the separate Energy-saving mode instructions before operating the dryer.

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