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Locking/Unlocking Channels; Restoring All Locked Out Channels; Priority Scanning; Priority Plus Scanning - Uniden BC796D APC0 25 Owner's Manual

Digital scanner
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To unlock locked-out banks, simply press that bank's number again. The scanner displays
that bank's number and includes it when scanning.
Note: You cannot lockout all banks. One bank must be unlocked at all times.

Locking/Unlocking Channels

To lock out a channel so that the scanner does not stop on it while scanning, press L/O
when the scanner is stopped on that channel or manually select the channel and press L/O.
To unlock the channel, manually select it and press L/O again.
Note: You cannot lockout all channels in a bank. One channel must remain unlocked. If you
want to lock out an entire bank, see the previous section.

Restoring All Locked Out Channels

To simultaneously unlock all channels, press ▲/HOLD, then press and hold L/O for 2
seconds. The scanner beeps twice and unlocks all channels.

Priority Scanning

When Priority Scan is turned on, the scanner checks the conventional priority channels in
the unlocked banks every 2 seconds or the priority ID's in trunked systems every 4 seconds
between transmissions. If a signal is present on a priority channel, the scanner switches to
monitor that transmission, even if it had been stopped on another channel. One channel or
talkgroup ID in each bank is designated as the priority.
To turn on Priority Scan, repeatedly press PRI until the scanner displays PRIORITY ON. To
turn Priority Scan off, repeatedly press PRI until the scanner displays PRIORITY OFF.
Note: If all priority channels in unlocked banks are locked out, the scanner displays ERROR
when you try to turn on the priority scan mode.

Priority Plus Scanning

To scan only the priority channels in the unlocked banks, while scanning repeatedly press
PRI until the scanner displays PRIORITY PLUS. To turn off Priority Plus, repeatedly press
Note: Priority Plus only operates in the scan mode; not in the hold or search mode.

Listening to the Input Channel

Repeater-based systems, such as public safety conventional, trunked systems, and some
other business and amateur radio systems, use two sets of frequencies – input frequencies
and output frequencies (see "Understanding Scanning"). You normally listen to the output
frequency, as it can generally be received from a much farther range. Sometimes, though,
you might want to know if the mobile unit is nearby. To do this, check the input frequency by
pressing RVRS. If you hear the transmission, then the mobile unit is probably within 2 or 3
miles of your location.



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