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Ac Adaptor/Charger; Belt Clip - Uniden HH955 Operating Manual

5 watt handheld vhf marine radio
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AC Adaptor/Charger

Make certain, that if you are using
rechargeable nickel cadmium
batteries in the radio, the switch is
set to Ni-Cd. Refer to 'Batteries'
page 5.
Insert the AC Adaptor
power cord connector into
the PWR/CHG connection
on the side of the radio.
The HH955 uses a 15 VDC AC
adaptor (NOT a 12 VDC as
indicated on the side of the radio).
Plug the other end into an
AC power plug. The
radio's power must be OFF
to charge the nickel
cadmium batteries.
Charge the batteries according to the manufacturers
As soon as the batteries are charged, disconnect from
the power source and radio.
Battery Level Indicator
The battery level indicator will display the current strength
of the battery. If the radio is using a large amount of
power, such as when transmitting, the indicator will drop
and recover when transmitting stops. The battery low
warning tone will sound if there is not enough power to
operate when transmitting. You may be able to continue
by switching to 1 watt transmit power.
Important Points:
1. Do not over-charge - this will shorten the life of
your rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries.
2. Use only the AC Adaptor (AAD955S) that comes
with the HH955.
3. If Ni-Cad batteries are being used the battery level
indicator may not display full, after charging .

Belt Clip

Attach the belt clip with
the screws (included).



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