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Other Features; Sound Mute; Information On Screen; To Display The Time - JVC AV-21KT1BNF Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
3. Select COUNTRY with the “
press the “ ” or “ ” button to select the country you are
now located.
4. If you want to start programming, select START with the
“ or “
” button, then press the “ ” button. The
message “A.P.S. IS RUNNING” appears and A.P.S. auto-
matically programmes the received channels in your TV’s
programme numbers. Afrer A.P.S. is finalized, the PRO-
GRAM. menu appears again.
To cancel A.P.S., press the “ ” button.

Other Features

Sound Mute

To cut off the sound of the TV, press “ ” button. The sound
will be cut off. To cancel mute, press “ ” or “
ton. The volume level will be the same as the level before
mute when you cancel mute.

Information on Screen

First pressing the “
” button displays the current status
“Programme number”, “Station name” and “Sound sta-
Pressing this button again displays the current time.
Pressing this button once more remove the on-screen dis-

To Display the Time

• While watching a TV programme with Teletext transmission
press “
“ button twice. The current time information, cap-
tured from Teletext will be displayed on the screen.
• If the programme being watched does not have Teletext
transmission, only a box will be displayed at the same loca-
• The time information will disappear after pressing “
ton again.
When time information is displayed on screen, entering an-
other menu will remove it.
“ or “
” button, then
” or “
” but-
“ but-


You can re-set the current PICTURE menu settings (except
Picture Mode setting) to the default settings.
• Press “STANDARD” button when no menu appears.

VCR Control Buttons

The buttons can be used to operate a JVC brand VCR.
Pressing the button having the same appearance as the origi-
nal remote control button of a device makes the function work
in the same way as the original remote control.
Press the VCR Control Button to control your VCR.
• If your device is not made by JVC, these buttons cannot be
• Even if your device is made by JVC, some of these buttons
or any one of the buttons may not work, depending on the
• You can use the
which the VCR will receive.


Teletext is an information system that displays text on your
TV screen. Using the Teletext information system you can
view a page of information on a subject that is available in the
list of contents (index).
No on screen display will be available in text mode.
No contrast, brightness or colour control, but volume control
is available in text mode.

To operate Teletext

• Select a TV station on which Teletext is being transmitted.
• Press (TELETEXT) “
(index) is displayed on the screen.

To select a page of Teletext

• Press the appropriate digit buttons for the required Teletext
page number.
The selected page number is displayed at the top left corner
of the screen. The Teletext page counter searches until the
selected page number is located, so that the desired page is
displayed on the screen.
• Press “
“ button to move the Teletext screen forward
one page at a time.
• Press “
” button to move the Teletext screen backward
one page at a time.
buttons to choose a TV channel
” button. Usually the list of contents


Table of Contents

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