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Troy-Bilt 01919-1 Owner's Manual

Troy bilt portable generator owner's manual.
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Owner's Manual
Manual del Propietario
Portable Generator
1 Generador Portatil
Model 1 Modelo 0 19 19- 1
Before using this product, read this manual and follow all
Safety Rules and Operating Instructions.
Antes de utilizar el producto, lea este manual
siga todas las
Reglas de Seguridad e lnstrucciones de Uso.
Questions? Preguntas?
1-888-6 1 1-6708
8-5 CT
is a registered trademark ofTroy-Bilt, LLC and is used under license t o Briggs & Stratton Power Products.
Troy-BiltB e s una marca registrada de Troy-Bilt, LLC y se usa abajo licencia a Briggs & Stratton Power Products.
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Printed in USA
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Manual No. 197 126GS Revision


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    LLC and is used under license t o Briggs & Stratton Power Products. Troy-BiltB e s una marca registrada de Troy-Bilt, LLC y se usa abajo licencia a Briggs & Stratton Power Products. BRIGGS & STRATTON P O W E R PRODUCTS GROUP, LLC ) I 1 1 1 JEFFERSON,WISCONSIN, U.S.A.

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    Safety Rules SAVE THESE I N S T R U C T I O N S TABLE OF C O N T E N T S ........Safety Rules.

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    Use a ground circuit fault interrupter (GFCI) in any damp o r highly conductive area, such as metal decking o r steel work. D O N O T touch bare wires o r receptacles. D O N O T use generator with electrical cords which are worn, frayed, bare or otherwise damaged.

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    Section : Safety Rules WARNING W H E N ADJUSTING OR MAKING REPAIRSTOYOUR GENERATOR Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug and place the wire where it cannot contact spark plug. W H E N TESTING FOR ENGINE SPARK Use approved spark plug tester.

  • Page 5

    K N O W Y O U R GENERATOR Read this owner's manual and safety rules before operating y o u r generator. Compare this illustration with your generator t o familiarize yourself with the locations of various controls and adjustments.

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    Assembly ASSEMBLY Your generator requires some assembly and is ready for use after it has been properly serviced with the recommended oil and fuel. If you have any problems with the assembly of your generator, please call the generator helpline at 1-888-6 1-6708.

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    Tip generator so that engine side is down. Line up holes in support leg with holes in generator frame. A t p c h support leg using t w o short (M8 x 16mm) cap screws and t w o locking hex nuts.Tighten with a o'r 13mm socket and wrench.

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    U S I N G T H E GENERATOR System Ground The generator has a system ground that connects the generator frame components t o the ground terminals on the AC output receptacles.The system ground is connected t o the A C neutral wire (see "Equipment Description", earlier in this manual).

  • Page 9

    OPERATING T H E GENERATOR electrical loads. Connect electrical loads in OFF position, then t u r n O N f o r Turn electrical loads OFF and disconnect from generator Starting the Engine Disconnect all electrical loads from the generator. Use the following start instructions: Make sure unit is on a level surface.

  • Page 10

    RECEPTACLES overload the generator. See "Don't Overload 1201240 Volt AC, 30 Amp, Locking Receptacle Use a NEMA L14-30 plug with this receptacle. Connect a 4-wire cord set rated for 250VoltAC loads at 30 Amps (or greater) (Figure 5).You can use the same 4-wire cord if you plan t o run a I2OVolt load.

  • Page 11

    DON'T OVERLOAD GENERATOR You must make sure yourgenerator can rated (running) and surge (starting) watts for the items you will power at the same time. Follow these simple steps: Select the items you will power at the same time. Total the rated (running) watts of these items.This is the amount of power your generator must produce t o keep your items running.

  • Page 12

    Maintenance SPECIFICATIONS Starting Watts Wattage AC Load Current: ......A t I20 Volts ......A t 240 Volts Phase Rated Frequency.

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    STORAGE The generator should be started at least once every seven days and allowed t o run at least be done and you must store the unit for more than days, use the following guidelines t o prepare it for storage.

  • Page 14

    Troubleshooting TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Cause Circuit breaker is open. Poor connection o r defective cord set. N o AC output is available, Connected device is bad. but engine is running. Fault in generator. I. Short circuit in a connected load. When loads are Generator is overloaded.

  • Page 15

    TROY-BILTB O W N E R WARRANTY POLICY Effective November 1,2004 "Troy-BiltB is a registered trademark of Troy-Bilt, LLC and is used under license t o B r i g s & Stratton Power Products. Brigs & Stratton Power Products will repair o r replace, free of charge, any part, o r parts of the equipment*" that are defective in material o r workmanship o r both.Transportation charges on parts submitted for repair o r replacement under this warranty must be...

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    Operating & Maintenance lnstructions General Model Series noted on front cover are inclusive of the specific model number found on your engine. lnstrucciones de Mantenimiento & Operacib Los Modelos Serie Generales que aparecen registrados en la portada estan incluidos en el nlimero de modelo especifico encontrado en su motor. lnstructions d'utilisation et de maintenance La serie de Modeles notee sur la page de garde comprend le numero de Modele spbcifique qui se trouve sur votre moteur.

  • Page 17

    Safety Precautionc BEFORE OPERATING ENGINE & Read entire Operating Maintenance Instruc- tions AND the instructions for the equipment this engine powers.* Failure to follow instructions could result in serious injury or death. Briggs & Stratton does not necessarily know what equipment this engine will power.

  • Page 18

    Safety Precautionn The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause Turn engine OFF and let engine cool at least 2 minutes before removing gas cap. Fill fuel tank outdoors or in well-ventilated area. Do not overfill fuel tank.

  • Page 19

    Safety Precautio~ If there is natural or gas leakage in area, do not start engine. Do not use pressurized starting fluids because vapors are flammable. Start and run engine outdoors. Do not start or run engine in enclosed area, even if doors or windows are open.

  • Page 20

    Safety Precautions Remove accumulated combustibles from muffler area and cylinder area. Install and maintain in working order a spark arrester before using equipment on forest-cov- ered, grass-covered, brush-covered unimproved land. The state of Callornia requires this (Section Disconnect spark plug wire and keep it away from Disconnect battery at negative terminal (only engines with electric stalt).

  • Page 21

    ... Armature air gap 0.25 0.36 m ..... . . (0.010-0.014in.) Valve clearance: Valve springs installed and piston 114 in.

  • Page 22

    IIOI O n Off R e a d Owner's Manual MANUAL ON OFF Lire le manuel de I'utilisateur Marche Arr& stop STOP Arrgt without Engine shipped from Briggs & Stratton oil. Before startina enaine, fill with oil. Do not over-fill. Note: If this engine is equipped with gear reduction, the gear reduction case MUST be filled with oil prior to operating engine.

  • Page 23

    Checking oil level. Adding ON LOW OIL FILL: Oil level should be at point of overflowing. ON LOW OIL FILL WITH DIPSTICK: Insert dipstick but DO NOT TIGHTEN. Remove and check oil level. L o w fill LLENADO BAJO ACEITE Rernplis- sage bas Use clean, fresh, lead-free, regular gasoline with a...

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