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Tricity Bendix TM 220 W Operating & Installation Instructions Manual: Electrical Connection

Tricity bendix tumble dryer tm 220 operating & installation instructions.
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Electrical connection

Any electrical work required to install this appliance
should be carried out by a qualified electrician or
competent person.
The manufacturer declines any liability should
this safety measure not be observed.
If the plug that is fitted to your appliance is not suitable
for your socket outlet, it must be cut off, and the
appropriate plug fitted.
Remove the fuse from the cut off plug. The cut off plug
should then be disposed of to prevent the hazard of
electric shocks, in case it should be plugged into a 13
Amp socket in another part of your home.
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance
with the following code:
Green and Yellow - Earth
Blue - Neutral
Brown - Live
If you fit your own plug, the colours of the wires in the
mains lead of your appliance may not correspond with the
markings identifying the terminals in your plug.
To fit the plug, proceed as follows:
Connect the green and yellow (earth) wire to the terminal
in the plug which is marked with the letter «E" or the
earth symbol
, or coloured green and yellow.
Connect the blue (neutral) wire to the terminal in the plug
which is marked with the letter «N" or coloured black.
Connect the brown (live) wire to the terminal in the plug
which is marked with the letter «L" or coloured red.
The plug moulded on to the lead incorporates a fuse. For
replacement, use a 13 Amp BS1363 fuse. Only ASTA or
BSI approved fuses should be used.
The plug must not be used if the fuse cover/carrier is lost.
The cover/carrier is indicated by the coloured insert at the
base of the plug.
A replacement cover/carrier must be obtained from your
local Tricity Bendix Service Centre (see page 10).
Avoid connecting the tumble dryer to the same socket as
your washing machine (or any other appliance) by means
of an adaptor. Have an extra socket installed if necessary,
by a qualified electrician.
Installation, and, in particular, connection to the electric
mains and to the discharge vent must be carried out by a
competent person or qualified electricians.
Please ensure that when the appliance is installed it is
easily accessible for the engineer, in the event of a


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