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Tricity Bendix TM 220 W Operating & Installation Instructions Manual: Drying; Load The Laundry; Select The Required Option; When Drying Is Completed

Tricity bendix tumble dryer tm 220 operating & installation instructions.
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1. Load the laundry

2. Select the required option

Depress Half Heat or Fresh & Cool, if desired.
3. Select time

4. When drying is completed

The machine stops automatically, the mains-on light goes
If the laundry is still too damp, select a further brief
drying time, bearing in mind that during the last 10
minutes the dryer carries out the cooling and anti-crease
treatment phase.
When the programme has finished you are advised to
unplug the appliance.
Clean the filter after every drying programme. A clean
filter ensures correct functioning of the appliance.

Useful hints

Try to load to the maximum capacity of the machine as
small loads are uneconomical.
For information, here is a list of the average weights of
some common laundry items.
Kitchen towel
Table napkin
Towelling hand towel
Man's shirt
Man's pyjamas
Ladies' nightdress
Open the door by pulling it
Load the items one at a time,
shaking them out loosely and
close the door.
Please check the laundry
does not get caught between
the door and filter.
Turn the selector dial
clockwise to the required
minute setting (in the high
or low temperature range,
according to the fabric): the
mains-on light illuminates
and the machine starts
700 - 1000 g
400 - 500 g
70 - 120 g
50 - 100 g
150 - 250 g
1000 - 1500 g
200 - 300 g
100 - 200 g
400 - 500 g
200 - 250 g
Never tumble dry the following:
Particularly delicate items such as net curtains,
woollen, silk, fabrics with metal trim, nylon tights,
bulky materials such as anoraks, blankets, eiderdowns,
sleeping bags, feather quilts and any items containing
rubber foam or materials similar to rubber foam.
Always follow the instructions on garment labels.
may be tumble dried
tumble dry normal (high temperature)
tumble dry delicate (low temperature)
do not tumble dry
Close pillowcases and covers with fasteners to prevent
small laundry items getting tangled inside them. Close
press studs, zips and hooks and tie belts and apron
Sort laundry according to type and degree of drying
Do not over-dry laundry, this avoids creasing and
saves energy.
Avoid drying dark clothes with light coloured fluffy
items such as towels as they could attract the fluff.
Remove the laundry when the dryer has finished
To avoid a static charge when drying is completed, use
either a fabric softener when you are washing the
laundry or a fabric conditioner specifically for tumble
Laundry Shrinkage
Certain fabrics such as woollens and silks are generally
not suitable for tumble drying. Due to the structure of
some woollen garments which are recommended for
tumble drying, shrinking could still occur, but once the
garment is worn again, it should regain its shape.
Starched Laundry
Starched laundry can also be dried in the tumble dryer.
Make sure that the time selected is for iron dry. After
completion of the programme wipe out the drum with a
damp cloth and dry to remove any traces of starch.


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