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3-color display
The display shows data in three colors: orange, blue and green. Different colors can be used to highlight
specific dates in the Calendar, and even the color of text data can be specified.
Desktop Menu System
Simply point to the item that represent the function you want to use and press a button.
Do Today Function
Every time you turn on the unit, any Schedule Keeper items scheduled for that date appear on the display.
256 Kbytes of memory
Enough memory to store up to 11,500 Telephone Directory items.
Powerful data bank functions
Telephone Directory, Business Card Directory, Memo, To Do, Expense Manager, Reminder, and
Schedule Keeper.
Secret Drawer
A convenient place to lock up confidential information using a secret password.
Calendar - Schedule Keeper - Reminder - To Do linking
Reminder and To Do items are automatically displayed in the applicable Schedule Keeper dates. Markers
appear on the Calendar display to indicate dates for which Schedule Keeper, Reminder, and To Do items
are scheduled.
Timepiece with Home Time and World Time
Dual timekeeping for two different locations.
Powerful alarm functions
In addition to the standard daily alarm, you can also set alarms for Schedule Keeper, Reminder, and To
Do items.
A 12-digit arithmetic calculator is just the thing for those quick, on-the-go calculations.
Data Communication
Exchange data with another CSF Unit or with a CASIO SF Unit or NX Unit.
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