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Casio Cassiopeia PA-2400 Hardware Manual

Casio pda hardware manual
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Hardware Manual
(Version 1.00 )
March 1998
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
Copyright ©1998. All rights reserved.



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  Summary of Contents for Casio Cassiopeia PA-2400

  • Page 1 PA-2400 Hardware Manual (Version 1.00 ) March 1998 Casio Computer Co., Ltd. Copyright ©1998. All rights reserved.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Chapter 1. Overview 1. 1 Features Chapter 2. System Configuration 2. 1 System Block Diagram 2. 2 Available Model 2. 3 Options 2. 4 PC Card Chapter 3. External View Chapter 4. Specifications of Devices 4. 1 4.
  • Page 3: Overview

    This manual describes the hardware specifications of the H/PC (PA-2400). It uses the Windows CE US Ver2.0 operating system. The Casio PA-2400 is the next model up from the PA-2100 (CASSIOPEIA Pen Version operating under Japanese-language OS Ver1.01) . This H/PC has been developed for overseas markets. It has pen input capability and is based on the CASSIOPEIA Key Version, which is the generic consumer model that is similar to the Japanese-language Ver1.01 model.
  • Page 4: Features

    1.1 Features This H/PC has the Windows CE US Ver2.0 open-platform OS pre-installed. Table 1.1 Differences from Ver1.01 Item OS environment Font Concurrent use of multiple cards Application Expandable Memory AP development environment Note: * LAN Card is available. Windows CE Ver2.0 Network compatible * Print function added Sound and backlight controllable...
  • Page 5: System Configuration

    2. System Configuration 2.1 System Block Diagram Fig. 2.1 System Block Diagram...
  • Page 6: Available Model

    DT-883RSC DT-887AX SB-751HF SB-752HF SB-753HP IrDA printer HP Laser Jet 6Pse DT-860IO-E : I/O Box for Casio Handy Terminals DT-800 and DT-800M50RC Memory Size Mask ROM 16 MB (OS: 8 MB x 2) Model Description IrDA - SCSI conversion IrDA - RS-232C conversion...
  • Page 7: Pc Card

    2.4 PC Card Table 2.3 List of Available PC Cards Type SRAM card DT-635MC DT-636MC DT-637MC DT-638MC ATA flash DT-9031BFMC card DT-9032BFMC DT-9033BFMC DT-9034BFMC CF card CF-4-S CF-10-S CF-15-S Model / Standard 256 KB 512 KB 1 MB 2 MB 4 MB 6 MB 10 MB...
  • Page 8: External View

    3. External View Fig. 3.1 External view of PA-2400 Hardware L I G H T C H G S Y S C A S S I O P E I A      C F C A R D R O M B O A R D B A C K U P B A T T E R Y...
  • Page 9: Specifications Of Devices

    4. Specifications of Devices 4.1 CPU Table 4.1 CPU Item Clock 4.2 Memory Table 4.2 Memory Item DRAM MASK ROM 4.3 Touch Panel Table 4.3 Touch Panel Item Type Analog resistance membrane (non-glare) Resolution 480 (H) x 240 (V) dots 4.4 Display Table 4.4 Display Item...
  • Page 10: Switches

    4.5 Switches Table 4.5 Switches Item POWER switch SIP key LIGHT switch RESET switch Notification switch CF card lock switch ROM board cover switch Card lock switch Battery lock switch 4.6 Communication Ports 16-pin Serial Interface Table 4.6 16-pin Serial Interface Item Synchronization Connector type...
  • Page 11: 3-Pin Interface

    3-pin Interface Table 4.8 3-pin Interface Item Synchronization Baud rate 4.7 PC Card Interface Table 4.9 PC Card Interface Item Standard Slot Power supply Applicable card 4.8 CF Card Interface Table 4.10 CF Card Interface Item Slot Power supply Applicable card Specification Start/stop method 110 bps to 38.4 Kbps...
  • Page 12: Power Supply

    4.9 Power Supply Table 4.11 Power Supply Item Main battery Sub-battery Memory backup period Contact-type recharging terminal 4.10 Speaker Table 4.12 Speaker Item Speaker Specification Lithium-ion battery pack Operating time: Approx. 15 hours (adequate for 10 minutes of continuous display, or 1 minute of continuous input) Approx.
  • Page 13: Microphone

    4.11 Microphone Table 4.13 Microphone Item Microphone 4.12 LED Table 4.14 LED Item Alarm notification x 1 Battery status indication x 1 Specification Electronic condenser type Sampling rate: 10-bit AD 8/11.025/22.05 KHz Specification Available LED Notification LED Full-charge condition LED Remark For audio input Remark...