Handling Cautions - Canon 10x42L IS WP Instructions Manual

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Handling Cautions

For the Binoculars
(1) The binoculars are waterproof, however they are not for underwater use.
(2) Binoculars are precision instruments. Do not drop them or subject them to
shock. Never attempt to disassemble them.
(3) High temperatures can cause the binoculars to malfunction. Do not store
them close to a heater or in a closed car on a sunny day.
(4) If the lens is dirty, first use a blower brush to remove dust, etc., from the lens
surface. Then use a commercially available lens cleaner or similar material to
wipe the lens gently without scratching it. Do not use any organic solvent on
the body or lenses.
(5) Storing the binoculars in a humid location may cause fungus on the lenses.
If the binoculars are not to be used for an extended period, clean the lenses
and body thoroughly and store in a well-ventilated dry place.
(6) Avoid storing the binoculars in a laboratory or a location where corrosive
chemicals are present. Also avoid storage in a chest of drawers.
(7) When the binoculars are not to be used for a prolonged period, remove the
batteries. If the batteries are left inside, they may leak, causing corrosion,
malfunction or fire.
Battery Care
(1) When the battery power is low, the lamp will not light even when you press
the Image Stabilizer button. Replace both batteries in such a case.
(2) If the lamp lights but the Image Stabilizer does not operate properly, it means
the battery power is low. Replace both batteries in such a case.
(3) In cold temperatures, using size-AA lithium batteries is recommended.
(4) Although lithium batteries work well in low temperature, their performance will
drop slightly in temperatures below 0 degrees C. In cold locations, keep a spare
set of batteries in a warm pocket and alternate them with the batteries in use.
* WP: Waterproof binoculars.
Safety Warnings
Never look at the sun or a bright light with the binoculars. Doing so can cause
loss of vision.
Safety Precautions
1. Never attempt to disassemble the batteries. Never recharge any batteries
other than rechargeable batteries. Do not leave batteries in a hot place or
throw them into a fire. Do not short-circuit the contacts. Doing any of the
above may result in fire or explosion causing injuries.
2. You should never mix different types of batteries. When changing
exhausted batteries, replace them all at once.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents